Biometrics ID Registry

Biometric Identifier Registrations

Part 2 of ISO/IEC 19785 establishes the unambiguous identification of biometric organizations, formats and products by defining the mechanisms and procedures to be implemented by the Biometric Identifier Registration Authority.

The ISO/IEC Council has approved the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), which maintains this site, to be the Biometric Identifier Registration Authority.

As specified by ISO/IEC 19785 Part 2, the Biometric Identifier Registration Authority assigns and registers ASN.1 object identifier components to:

  • biometric organizations,
  • CBEFF patrons.

These in turn assign identifiers to:

  • biometric information record formats,
  • biometric data block formats,
  • security block formats,
  • and biometric products,
that can also be registered.

These assignments provide globally unambiguous identification in the context of the CBEFF ASN.1 object identifier. The registration process is universal, assigns unique and unambiguous identifiers, and avoids changes in identifiers over time.

A summary of procedures for registration of formats, organizations, and products is provided in Registration Procedures.

The links that follow will direct you to the Registration tables for:

      Biometric Organizations
      BIR Header Identifiers
      BDB Format Identifiers
      SB Format Identifiers
      Product Codes
      Biometric Capture Device Identifiers
      Biometric Feature Extraction Algorithm Identifiers
      Biometric Comparison Algorithm Identifiers
      Biometric Quality Algorithm Identifiers
      Biometric register of compression algorithm identifiers
      PAD Technique Identifiers
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