Upcoming Events
    • 09/10/2019
      IBIA Member NEC Article - Facial-Recognition - How Policy Can Catch Up to the Technology
    • September 2019
      Principles for Biometric Data Security and Privacy - Click here!
    • September 2019
      Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board - Meeting On Facial Recognition and Other Biometric Technologies in Aviation Security
    • October 25, 2019
      Board of Directors Meeting
    The next connect:ID is March 11-12 2020

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    International Biometrics + Identity Association has a strong interest in an active dialogue around biometrics and identification technologies. We encourage those with an interest in the policy and technical impact of biometrics or identity management to contact us directly. We are always happy to provide perspectives which advance International Biometrics + Identity Association's core mission of enhancing security, privacy, productivity, and convenience through these technologies.