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Palm Biometrics

The FBI has estimated that over 30% of all latent prints left at crime scenes are palm prints. With the advent of palm search capabilities in the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) database, law enforcement agencies are now able to search against latent and live palm images in real time. As the number and quality of palm images available for query continues to increase, the use of palm biometrics is set to grow accordingly. 

From a technological perspective, palm prints are captured in much the same way that fingerprint images are – through optical, thin film transistor, or subdermal sensors. 

Advantages of palm as a biometric: 
  • Offers all of the advantages of fingerprints, but with substantially more data to compare against existing records
  • Increasing availability of comparison records in international, Federal, and State law enforcement database
Common applications of palm as a biometric modality:
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