Who We Are

International Biometrics + Identity Association at a Glance

International Biometrics + Identity Association is the leading international trade group representing the identification technology industry. Recognizing the vital role identity plays in a globally connected world, International Biometrics + Identity Association brings stakeholders into a single organization that provides its members:

Access to decision-makers, empowering you to shape priorities in line with your company's needs
First line of defense against legislation, regulations, and public misperceptions that frequently threaten to derail business opportunities
Information you need, providing special reports on technology, policy and regulation, along with business opportunities
Hallmark of successful identity management companies, giving customers full confidence in their technology and solutions

Our Mission

International Biometrics + Identity Association advances the adoption and responsible use of technologies for managing human identity to enhance security, privacy, productivity, and convenience for individuals, organizations, and governments. To effectively carry out its mission, International Biometrics + Identity Association focuses on three core activities: Advocacy, Connections, and Education.

Advocacy, Connections, Education (ACE)

Active engagement with the U.S. Congress, Administration and Federal Agencies, and the states to promote a receptive legislative and regulatory environment
Immigration reform: Support for biometrics and related technologies to ensure the system is based on secure identity and deters identity fraud and identity sharing

Border issues and CBP: Support for deployment of a national biometric exit program

Healthcare and financial services: Support for use of biometric identification to protect personal health and financial data privacy and deter identity theft

Privacy, cyber security, and big data: Subject Matter expertise to demonstrate biometrics are the most effective means of securing identity and privacy
Meetings and events with industry leaders think tanks and advocacy groups

Congressional briefings and roundtables, and tech fairs

National and international tradeshows and conferences including, International Biometrics + Identity Association’s leading identity conference connect:ID in Washington, DC
Connecting with opinion leaders and influencers within commercial, consumer, and government markets to share ideas, influence opinions and outcomes, and shape policy
Promoting positive industry image through education and dissemination of information
Congressional Testimony and Briefings: Regularly testify before Congress on technology and policy issues, engage think tanks and other advocacy groups

Daily News Tracking: Provide a daily news tracking service to members

Media Outreach: Engage media outlets to educate on key issues and promote identification technologies

White Papers, Special Reports: Highlight industry positions and developments
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