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Biometric Exit

International Biometrics + Identity Association strongly supports the utilization of biometrics at exit as mandated -- to secure our borders, enable enforcement of immigration laws, and prevent criminals from escaping the U.S. Creation of a biometric exit system at U.S. ports of entry is a necessary security enhancement whose implementation is long overdue. The security gains evident from a decade of biometrics deployment at entry offer a strong value proposition for a counterpart exit system.

Congress first mandated the creation of a system to match arrival and departure information in 1996. That mandate remains unfulfilled, even as its necessity has been proven consistently throughout the intervening years.

Today, it is possible to implement an efficient, high-performing, cost-effective biometric exit system that will answer the mandate and shore up data on overstays. Only biometric information can tie credentials to the person physically present. In the most critical cases for national security and law enforcement, biometrics are often the only link to perpetrators and suspects. Exit systems based solely on biographic information cannot provide security in these cases because imposters can evade screening.

International Biometrics + Identity Association applauds recent moves toward defining the technical and policy requirements necessary to move forward with biometric exit. The membership has the technical expertise to support the design, development and deployment of a secure, convenient and reliable biometrics solution at exit and IBIA looks forward to facilitating substantive and open dialogue among all stakeholders.

Learn more about biometric exit in International Biometrics + Identity Association’s white paper.
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