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Future Con - IBIA Panel - Science Fiction to Fact: The Voyage of Biometrics
(April 26, 2019) Walter E. Washington Convention Center

This year for the first time, IBIA will be leading a panel at the Smithsonian Magazine Future Con.  Future Con, presented by Smithsonian Media, a part of the bigger Awesome Con, is a celebration of science and technology, featuring some of the world's most innovative brands and organizations. The Conference is being held April 26 - 28, 2019 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, the week leading up to connect:ID 2019.
IBIA submitted a proposal, with the title Science Fiction to Fact: The Voyage of Biometrics.  Among the hundreds of applications, IBIA was accepted  
IBIA will create a panel of 4-6 presenters, showcasing biometric technologies with IBIA talent to discuss the voyage of biometrics, and how it is changing the way we live. We are seeking panelists from among the many creative geniuses in IBIA.
Over 70,000 people from the DC Metro Area attend Awesome Con and more than 51% of attendees are employed in government, tech, and professionals, specialists or management fields.  Last year, Awesome Con received over 2.1 billion combined media impressions, reaching a highly-targeted audience.
IBIA’s panel time is Friday, April 26 from 2:00 pm until 2:45 pm.  This is an “out of this world” opportunity to introduce IBIA, share our technologies with the public.  
In addition, Future Con will be hosting an “Ask the Scientist” table on the showroom floor and have invited IBIA to participate, extending the panel discussion.
All panelists will receive complimentary passes that are good for the whole weekend.
In previous years, NASA, Lockheed Martin and other large tech companies have participated in this event.   If you are a secret “Treckie” or sci-fi fan, this is an opportunity to have fun and educate a new and significant audience.

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Biometric Summit - New York 2019
(April 4, 2019) Rise New York, 43 W 23rd St 2nd Floor, NY NY 10010,

London, United Kingdom – 21 March 2019 – Goode Intelligence ( is delighted to announce the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) as its Strategic Partner for Biometric Summit New York 2019 on Thursday 4 April, hosted by Rise New York.

The summit is set to showcase the latest innovations in biometric technology and features talks and panels from experts across a wide spectrum of biometric modalities including face, iris, fingerprint, voice, heart/ECG, palmprint and behavioral with case studies of their applications in a wide variety of industries, organizations and products.

“We’re delighted to welcome the International Biometrics + Identity Association as our Strategic Partner for Biometric Summit New York 2019,” said Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence.  “As a leading international trade association for the identity technology industry, the IBIA’s diverse membership brings an important voice to the discussions that will be taking place at this event.”

“IBIA is delighted to partner with Goode Intelligence to bring you the Biometric Summit New York 2019”, said Tovah LaDier, IBIA’s Executive Director. “As a leading research organization on biometrics and identity technology, Goode Intelligence provides cutting edge analysis on industry developments and trends that will inform the innovation discussion at this event.”

 For more information about Biometric Summit New York 2019, and to register, please visit:

 About IBIA:

IBIA is the leading voice for the biometrics and identity technology industry.  It advances the transparent and secure use of these technologies to confirm human identity in our physical and digital worlds.  #Identity Matters.  For more information, please visit our website

 About Goode Intelligence

Goode Intelligence is a leading identity and biometrics research and consulting organisation founded in 2007 and is based in London. For more information about Goode Intelligence please visit

For information about Biometric Summit New York 2019 contact:

Michelle Goode, Chief Operating Officer, Goode Intelligence

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connect:ID 2019
(April 29 - May 1) Washington, DC



connect: ID is an innovative international conference and free global exhibition focused on identity technologies and their management in both the physical and digital worlds.

Our mission is to showcase the potential of next-generation identity solutions, and to highlight how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change.

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National Police Week Education Seminar - Biometrics and the Benefits to Law Enforcement
(May 13, 2019) TBD

National Police Week Education Seminar - Biometrics and the Benefits to Law Enforcement - Watch here for more information on Time, Place, Speakers and Much More.

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