Ethics Statements

Ethics Statements

As a condition of IBIA membership, members adopt and pledge to observe the following Principles and Code of Ethics:

Safeguards for the Public
Members believe that identification technologies should be used solely for legal, ethical, and nondiscriminatory purposes. They are therefore committed to the highest standards of systems integrity and database security in order to deter identity theft, protect personal privacy, and ensure equal rights under the law in all identification solutions.

Respect for Competitive Technologies
Members adhere to a policy of mutual respect for all identification technologies. They therefore treat their competitors with courtesy and civility in all discourse, including marketing and advertising. 

Accountability in Marketing
Because truth is the key to industry credibility, members attest that their stated claims are accurate and can be independently verified by a competent authority. 

Legitimacy in the Marketplace
Membership is open only to identification developers, manufacturers, integrators, and end-users who have demonstrated that their identification technologies and applications are safe, accurate, and effective. 

Free Trade
Members are committed to the principles of free trade and open competition in the worldwide identification technology marketplace.

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