Biometrics + Identity

Common Applications

Biometrics is a rapidly growing field – one that has matured in recent years to include a diversity of applications which meet an ever-expanding series of market needs.

Governments, and law enforcement agencies in particular, were the first significant adopters of biometric technology. In the succeeding decades, governments have found new and innovative ways to use biometrics. Border control, benefits distribution, cybersecurity, and elections are just a few of the applications which governments have found for biometric technologies.

Businesses were also early adopters of biometrics. Banks and financial service agencies have long used biometrics to confirm the identities of employees and comply with legal mandates. Since then, the use of biometrics has expanded to areas like recording time and attendance, payroll operations, access to buildings, and cybersecurity.

Consumers are rapidly discovering the advantages of biometrics. Using their natural physical characteristics, people can now pay their bills, access their email, and log onto their phones. As these uses become more common, the uses of biometrics are likely to expand even further.
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