Biometric Organizations

Organization Identifier Hex Organization Identifier Decima Organization Name Contact Name or Title Country Contact Email Domain of Activity
0002 2 Bioscrypt Colin Soutar Canada N
0003 3 Identix Tim Brown USA N
0004 4 Infineon Technologies, AG Hubert Braunwarth Germany N
0005 5 Iridian Technologies, AG James Cambier USA N
0006 6 Veridicom, Inc. Larry O'Gorman USA N
0007 7 Cyber SIGN, Inc. Rod Beatson USA N
0008 8 eCrypt, Inc. Allison Takido USA N
0009 9 Fingerprint Cards AB Kenneth Jonsson Sweden N
000A 10 Secugen Corporation Dan Riley USA N
000B 11 Precise Biometrics, AB Oleg Okun Sweden N
000C 12 Identix Steven Fields USA N
000D 13 DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH Mr. Oliver Jahnke Germany AFIS Provider/Fingerprints
000E 14 LOGICO Smartcard Solutions, AG Alexander Keck Austria Y
000F 15 National Institute of Standards and Technology Patrick Grother USA Government Agency
0010 16 A 4 Vision, S.A. Antonio Esposito Switzerland N
0011 17 NEC Solutions America, Inc. Theresa Giordano USA N
0012 18 UPEK, Inc. Vito Fabbrizio USA N
0013 19 Ultra-Scan Corporation Peter Stecher USA N
0014 20 Aurora Wireless Technologies, Michael Hankinson USA N
0015 21 Thales Idenitfication Arnaud Delarue France N
0016 22 International Biometric Group Michael Thieme USA N
0017 23 Cogent Systems, Inc. James Jasinski USA N
0018 24 Cross Match Technologies, Inc. Greg Cannon USA N
0019 25 Recognition Systems, Inc. Frank Perry USA N
001A 26 German Institute for Standardi Dr. Klaus Kovacs Germany N
001B 27 INCITS Technical Committee M1 Barbara Bennett USA Standards development organization
001C 28 NITGEN Sanghoon Lee Korea N
001D 29 Sagem Morpho Creed Jones USA N
001F 31 BioLink Technologies International Michael Wong USA N
0020 32 ActivCard, Inc. Larry Hamid Canada N
0021 33 HumanScan GmbH Dr. Robert Frischholz Germany N
0022 34 AcSys Biometrics Corp. Ashley Kelly Canada N
0023 35 Silex Technology, Inc. Kazou Tokuda Japan N
0024 36 SITA (formerly Bio Wise, NV) Christian Halet Belgium N
0025 37 Lumidigm Jeff Allen USA Y: Raw Data Scaled Acsorbances
0026 38 Guardware Systems, Ltd. Adam Bognar Hungary N
0027 39 InvestorsHelpers, Inc. Sean O'Brien USA LC
0028 40 Validity, Inc. Fred Benkley USA N
0029 41 Viisage Jim Kottas USA N
002A 42 LG Electronics USA, Inc. Bonwoo Koo USA N
002B 43 StarTek Engineering, Inc. C. Hihjen Taiwan N
002C 44 JANUS Associates, Inc. Scott Kopcha USA N
002D 45 OmniPerception Limited Kieron Messer UK N
002E 46 Motorola Artour Karaguiozian USA AFIS Provider/Fingerprints
002F 47 CryptoMetrics Paul Reid Canada N
0030 48 BIO-key International Mira LaCous USA VST 6.0
0031 49 Neurotechnologija Irmantas Naujikas Lithuania N
0032 50 Antheus Technology Boca Raton USA fingertprinting
0033 51 DigitalPersona, Inc. Brian Farley USA N
0034 52 XTec, Incorporated Randy Debasa USA N
0035 53 Innovatrics Jan Lunter France N
0036 54 East Shore Technologies Robert L Powers USA fingerprint
0037 55 Hitachi, LTD Jun Nakanishi Japan finger vein
0038 56 123ID, Inc. Roger Quint USA software
0039 57 Bio-Key International Mira LaCous USA VST 6.0
003A 58 Griaule Tecnologia LTDA Iron Calil Daher Brazil software
003B 59 Aware, Inc. David Benini USA fingerprint template
003C 60 Sonda Technologies Alexanader Mosunov Russia fingerprint
003D 61 Secure Design Shinil Cho USA fingerprint verification
003E 62 Veridt Mark Depp USA verification and identification
003F 63 id3 Semiconductors Jean-Louis Revol France xxxxxx
0040 64 Green Bit Americas Inc. Clark Misul USA fingerprint
0041 65 Atmel Martin Squibbs USA fingerprint
0042 66 Authen Tec Dale Setlak USA fingerprint
0043 67 Image Ware Systems, Inc. Bill Willis US software
0044 68 Suprema, Inc. Brian Song Korea fingerprint
0045 69 Biovision Young S. Moon Korea fingerprint
0046 70 Fujitsu Ltd Yamahima Masaki Japan N
0047 71 AOptix Phil Tusa USA iris
0048 72 Digent Co., Ltd Young O. Kwon Korea fingerprint
0049 73 Warwick Warp Ltd Li Wang UK fingerprint
004A 74 Eastern Golden Finger Technology Beijing Co., Ltd Kun Xu China fingerprint
004B 75 Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) Oliver Bausinger Germany Government Agency
004C 76 BioLogica Sistemas Ltda Americo Lobo Neto Brazil fingerprint and face algorithms
004D 77 Futronic Technology Co. Ltd. Y.M. Jiang, Director Hong Kong fingerprint
004E 78 IriTech, Inc. Joyce Y. Kim USA iris
004F 79 PJSC "KP VTI" Dmytro Shevtsov Ukraine n/a
0050 80 jFinger Co., Ltd. Seung-Rae Lee, CEO and CTO Seoul, Korea fingerprint recognition algorithms
0052 82 OASIS Cathy Tilton USA SDO
0053 83 HutCabb Consulting Pte Ltd Patrick Chan Poh Whye Singapore palm vein
0054 84 Biometrics Identity Management Agency Thomas M. D'Agostino USA n/a
0055 85 Precision Infomatic (M) Pvt Ltd Narayanan Krishnamurthy India n/a
0056 86 China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee Huo Hongwen China n/a
0057 87 Delta ID Inc. Salil Prabhakar USA n/a
0058 88 Beijing Techshino Technology Co., Ltd. Chunlin YANG china fingerprint and iris
0059 89 Genkey Solutions BV Arnd Langguth Netherlands
005A 90 Next Biometrics Group ASA Dr. Robert Mueller Norway n/a
005B 91 Beijing Hisign Technology Co., Ltd. Zhili Wang China n/a
005C 92 Biomorf Lone Biomorf Lone Arudheer Pandey Indonesia n/a
005D 93 ViRDI-Tech, Inc. Nicholas Baek Korea n/a
005E 94 INESC Porto Ana Rebelo Portugal n/a
005F 95 AA Technology, Ltd. Wei Gong China n/a
0060 96 Aratek Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd. YujianWang China n/a
0061 97 Sopra Steria AS Fredrik Faleby Norway n/a
0062 98 Net X Solutions LTD Mr James Jones United Kingdom Net X Solutions Ltd specialise in biometric software solutions development, primarily in fingerprint encoding, verification (1-1) and identification (1-many), as well as providing ANSI NIST compliant import export and conversion solutions for Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
0063 99 Cognitec Systems Elke Oberg USA Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for enterprise and government customers around the world. Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial image database search, video screening and analytics, border control, ICAO compliant photo capturing and facial image quality assessment. Corporate headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany; other offices in Rockland, MA, USA and Sydney, Australia.
0064 100 Samsung R&D Institute India Jidnaya Shah India
0065 101 Changchun Hongda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd Xueyan Li P.R.China Changchun Hongda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1990, is a sub-company of Hongda Hi-tech Group ,which is a high –tech enterprise combines information technology and biometric technology. HD is a pioneer in the development of Population Information Management System in China, having rich experience and strong technical strength in mass population information management and biometric technology. In addition, HD can provide customers with sound technical supports and after-sale service.
0066 102 Papillon AO Alexander Averianov, Lead Programmer Russia PAPILLON AO is a foremost Russian IT company and manufacturer, involved in full-scale development and implementation of high-tech solutions and services to facilitate the work of law-enforcement agencies, businesses and government.
0067 103 Hitachi Beijing Tech Information Futoshi Miura, Vice General Manager China To sell information systems towards Chinese Governmental Oganizations
0068 104 National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Kashif Sardar Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) was established as National Database Organization (NDO), an attached department under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan in 1998. On 10 March, 2000, NDO & Directorate General of Registration (DGR) merged to form NADRA; an independent corporate body with requisite autonomy to operate independently and facilitate good governance. National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has gained international recognition for its success in providing solutions for identification, e-governance and secure documents that deliver multi-pronged goals of mitigating identity theft; safe-guarding the interests of our clients and facilitating the public.
0069 105 Beijing IDWorld Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd Kimmirae China Fingerprint recognition
006A 106 Beijing EyeCool Technology Co., Ltd Risa Wang China Fingerprint Template Generator; Fingerprint Template Matcher
006B 107 Liquid Inc. Hironobu Todoroki Japan
006C 108 Russian Biometric Society Danila Nikolaev, CEO and Chairperson The Russian Federation Russian non-profit organization /standards development organization
006D 109 Tatvik Biosystems Private Limited Anmoi Kumar India Biometric technology to provide effective solution for identity management.
006E 110 Suprema ID Inc. Anna Shin Rep. of Korea Fingerprint enrollment/verification
006F 111 Physical Security Interoperability Alliance David Bunzel - Executive Director United States
0070 112 Wuxi Biokee Biometrics Technology Co. LTD Born Wang, Algorithm Engineer China Fingerprint Authentication Technology
0071 113 Miaxis Biometerics Co LTD Leon Liu - Vice President China Fingerprint, Facial, vein Devices
0072 114 Precision Biometric India Pvt Ltd Sundararaj. K India Biometric & IoT Solutions , IT System Integration, IT Infrastructure Management Services
0073 115 Mantra Softech India Pvt Ltd Director Hiren India
0074 116 OASYS Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. Anthony Raj India
0075 117 Suprema BV Inc. Jeon Dong Hoon, CEO Korea Biometric Software
0076 118 CMI Tech Company, Ltd. Philip P. Tusa Republic of Korea Iris Camera Manufacturer
0077 119 TECH5 SA Machiel van der Harst Switzerland multi-modal biometric matching solutions
0078 120 Neokoros Brasil Ltda Marco Cesar Chaul, CEO Brazil
0079 121 DigitID Technologies Private Limited Ravindra Agarwala, Director India Algorithm development/Authentication
007A 122 Imagid Inc. Director United States Fingerprint and palm -print identification algorithms
007A 122 Imagid Inc. Director United States Fingerprint and palm -print identification algorithms
007B 123 Integrated Biometrics, LLC Thomas McCabe United States
0101 257 ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 37-Biometrics Lisa Rajchel USA Standards development organization
0102 258 ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27 IT Security techniques Krystyna Passia Germany Standards development organization
0103 259 Vendor Unknown Lisa Rajchel USA Standards Development Organization
FFFE n/a Reserved for Testing IBIA USA n/a

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