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connect:ID 2017
Conference: May 1 to 3 | Exhibition: May 2 to 3
Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

Happening in IBIA

Privacy Implications of Iris Technology

(Walter Hamilton, Vice Chairman of IBIA, September 21, 2016)

Walter Hamilton, Vice Chairman of IBIA and Sr. Consultant, Identification Technology Partners, was a speaker at the recent Global Identity Summit (GIS) in Tampa, Florida.  On Wednesday, September 21, Walter particpated in a session entitled Iris Recognition: Where Do We Go From Here?  You can view and download Walter's presentation, Privacy Implications of Iris Technology, by clicking the above title or visiting

IBIA and CompTIA - The Practical Applications of Biometrics: It is Not Just About Tom Cruise's Eyes

(IBIA, September 9, 2016)

Click the title above to view and download presentations by IBIA Member company representatives: Benji Hutchinson, Senior Director of DC Operations, NEC Corporation, John Mears, Senior Fellow Lockheed Martin, and Robert Rowe, VP Strategic Development, HID Global Corporation.

Maritime Security Enhanced through Biometric Readers

(Walter Hamilton, Vice Chairman of IBIA, August 29, 2016)

International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) has published a new focus paper, Maritime Security Enhanced through Biometric Readers. The focus paper, authored by Walter Hamilton, Vice Chairman, IBIA, comments on the U.S. Coast Guard's recently published final rule, which outlines the implementation requirements for electronic biometric readers used in conjunction with the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) - a biometric-enabled identity card.

IBIA Welcomes New Members

(IBIA, August 23, 2016)

The International Biometrics + Identity Association is very pleased to introduce its newest members: The Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors (CUBS) at the University of Buffalo, BehavioSec, Aware, NextgenID, and Jenetric GmbH.

INTERVIEW: John Mears, Director, IBIA ~ FindBiometrics

(July 26, 2016)

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) has long been fighting for the implementation of a biometric exit program in the United States. Recently, the IBIA released a position paper on the topic, addressing old misconceptions that have stalled the program in the past, and urging the Department of Homeland Security to finally fulfill the mandate. Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, recently spoke with John Mears, Director, IBIA, exclusively about this topic. The conversation offers some background on the need for biometricexit, details some of the challenges in implementing such a program, why the modern method of using only biographic data to track traveler exits is insufficient, and much more.

IBIA Endorses Privacy Best Practices for Facial Recognition

(IBIA, June 22, 2016)

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA), the leading international trade group representing the identification technology industry, announced its support for the best practices for the commercial use of facial recognition technology (FRT) that the Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) published June 16, 2016. The best practices, which focus on ensuring consumer privacy, were developed and agreed to by a group of stakeholders convened by NTIA. 

IBIA Urges Ridesharing Companies to Implement Fingerprint-based Background Checks, Issues White Paper

(June 14, 2016)

In a new white paper, the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) explains the reasons why only background checks that include FBI and state fingerprints holdings, in addition to other biographic searches, will ensure that Uber and Lyft have the information they need to adequately assess the candidates for employment. By choosing to ignore the information held in these databases, Uber and Lyft are not fulfilling their responsibility to minimize public safety risks.

Common Applications

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  • Border Management and Travel Security
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Cybersecurity
  • Law Enforcement
  • Human Resources
  • Elections
  • Physical Access
  • Benefits Distribution

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