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Police Reform Must Include Regulating Facial Recognition Tech (The Boston Globe, Jul 08, 2024)
One issue that should rise to the top of any potential police reforms is the use of facial recognition technology in police investigations. Absent appropriate regulation, this technology can be misused, abused, and lead to wrongful arrests. Given their unique access to this technology under our current laws, anyone concerned about misconduct by the State Police should also be concerned about the abuse of facial recognition technology. The State Police use facial recognition but the details about how they use it are not subject to public disclosure, beyond a brief annual report, because the current law exempts this information from the public records law.

Opinion: Houston Police Should Reconsider AI Partner (Government Technology, Jul 08, 2024)
"Any one of us could be improperly charged with a crime and jailed based on error-prone facial recognition software," the lawsuit says. "The companies that use this kind of software know it has a high rate of false positives, but they still use it to positively identify alleged criminals."

Police Upgrade Biometrics Capabilities and Transparency (Biometric Update, Jul 06, 2024)
Law enforcement biometrics are a central theme in several of the most-read stories of the past week on Biometric Update, between Idemia’s contract in Kansas, a new provider opportunity in the UK and a settlement in a lawsuit. Facial recognition is common among them, and the ID credentials and the facial recognition-related standards that back them are another theme running through the week, including with a new card from Digizen and a major EAB workshop on ICAO.

The Future of Identity Verification (Entrepreneur Media India, Jul 07, 2024)
Widespread adoption of biometric authentication methods is expected to play a larger role in identity verification across various industries. Biometrics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and voice recognition offer better accuracy and security compared to traditional methods.

Altman, Huffington Launching AI Health Coach (The Hill, Jul 09, 2024)
Altman and Huffington said the startup’s eventual product will be trained on a person’s biometric data and personal preferences to give recommendations around sleep and food, among other health priorities. Personalized notes from the health coach could be a reminder to go to bed early in order to get enough sleep for an early flight, the pair said, using AI to bring together health and calendar data, for example.


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