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A Look into Changes to Facial Recognition After Wrongful Arrest in Detroit (CBS News, Jul 01, 2024)
The ACLU said Williams was the first publically reported case in the country of a person wrongfully arrested due to facial recognition technology. Since then they've learned of at least six more similar cases, and nearly all of the wrongfully arrested were black. They said some cities have banned the technology, but most have little to no facial recognition policies in place. They said they hope Detroit's robust rules will start a trend across the country,

Why Does My Bank Want My Voice to Login? (KQED, Jul 02, 2024)
We’re all used to giving out a bit of personal data to get into our financial accounts: social security numbers, our birthdays and so on. However, a growing number of financial institutions are asking for a sample of our voices. Should we be concerned?

Quantum Space: Increasing Security, Revolutionising Facial Recognition in Nigeria (Nigerian Tribune, Jul 02, 2024)
Quantum Space Dynamics, a leader in AI, biometric, machine learning, and big data solutions, is making significant strides in enhancing security and user experiences in Nigeria. Its pioneering product, VerifyNG, is a cutting-edge Facial Recognition Verification App designed to meet the rigorous demands of government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and businesses requiring robust enterprise solutions.

Strength In Numbers: Maximizing AI’s Effectiveness Against Fraud (Forbes, Jul 02, 2024)
Many banks and other businesses use AI-powered biometrics to replace the traditional, tedious security gauntlet with a quick, easy experience. Speech and facial recognition free customers from having to remember and enter PINs, passwords and account numbers. AI-powered biometrics can also help the bottom line because those businesses spend less time and money fielding password reset requests and investigating fraud enabled by the common practice of using the same login credentials for multiple companies.

Tesla's Elon Musk Says US Needs to Catch Up With UAE's Airport Check-in Technology (Simple Flying, Jul 01, 2024)
Elon Musk has responded to a social media post saying that United States airports need to catch up to technologies used around the world. US has no equivalent to AUH's Single Token Journey solution; Delta's Digital ID is closest.


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