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The White House Knows the Risks of AI Being Used by Federal Agencies. Here's How They're Handling it. (Mashable, Mar 28, 2024)
The requirement that will directly impact Americans the most is implementing safeguards that protect against "algorithmic discrimination." The OMB will require agencies to "assess, test, and monitor" any harms caused by AI. Specifically, travelers can opt out of the TSA's use of facial recognition technology, which has been proven to be less accurate for people with darker skin.

Survey Shows Mixed Views on Police Use of Biometrics (UKAuthority, Mar 28, 2024)
Overall, respondents were more likely to trust the use of these systems by public sector organisations such as police forces (79%) and the NHS (66%), as opposed to private companies, particularly employers (42%) and retailers (38%). Survey respondents suggested that in most cases, biometric systems should be explicitly regulated rather than outright banned; but they were ready to support bans for the use in job interviews to assess performance and for tracking student or employee engagement.

Facial Recognition Endangers Us All Without a Clear Legal Basis (ComputerWeekly.com, Mar 28, 2024)
To ignore all of this risks more than misidentification or “sleepwalking into some kind of ghastly, Orwellian, omniscient police state” as former Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick warned in 2019. It undermines the public’s trust in the police - which is already fragile. Last year the Baroness Casey Review warned that the Met, one of the UK’s most aggressive users of live facial recognition technology, “no longer can presume that it has the permission of the people of London to police them” owing to its institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia.

'UK Not Ready and Won't Be' for New EU Passport Checks at Borders, Warns Head of Trade Body (Leading Britain's Conversation, Mar 28, 2024)
The EU’s much-delayed Entry/Exit System (EES) is due to be introduced on October 6. This means non-EU passport holders, including Brits, will need to submit fingerprints and facial biometrics on their first visit to Europe and verification on each entry. Processing times for cars at the border may increase from less than one minute to five to seven minutes - predicted to cause 14-hour delays on roads in Kent.

Retailers Add Tech to Meet Consumer Demand for Biometric Authentication (PYMNTS, Mar 28, 2024)
Additionally, the September PYMNTS Intelligence report “Tracking the Digital Payments Takeover: Biometric Authentication in the Age of Mobile” revealed that two-thirds of consumers either use or are interested in using biometric identification methods. Eighty percent of consumers using biometric authentication said they use the technologies to make purchases via their mobile devices.


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