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Researchers Propose a Method for Hiding Faces While Allowing Biometric Searches (Biometric Update, Nov 16, 2023)
The research paper, authored by Chinese students at Xidian University and the University of South Florida, is titled like a proverb: “Eyes See Hazy while Algorithms Recognize Who You Are.” It argues that evolving privacy laws such as the GDPR have made the need for obfuscation in facial recognition systems more pressing, which can result in a game of catch-up. The method developed by the researchers would obscure the faces in an image from human eyes, while allowing them to be matched with a biometric algorithm.

The EU Wants to Make Facial Recognition History — But it Must Be Done for the Right Reasons (Euronews, Nov 16, 2023)
EU lawmakers are debating throughout November about how much leeway to give police to use public facial recognition. Despite these systems having been tied to human rights violations around the world, and recently condemned by Amnesty International for facilitating Israel’s system of oppression against Palestinians, the European Parliament’s commitment to a strong ban is at risk.

Outgoing Police Tech Watchdog Warns of Declining Oversight (ComputerWeekly.com, Nov 16, 2023)
The future oversight of the police’s increasingly advanced biometric surveillance capabilities is at risk, and there are real dangers of the UK slipping into an “all-encompassing” surveillance state if concerns about these powerful technologies aren’t heeded, warns outgoing biometrics and surveillance camera commissioner Fraser Sampson.

Emirates Unveils Biometric Passport-Free Boarding: ‘Your Face is the Passport’ (D'Marge Pty Ltd, Nov 16, 2023)
In a video shared by The National News, Emirates staff can be seen explaining the new process for their passengers which, so far as we can tell, is a world-first in providing totally passport-free travel; while Singapore’s Changi airport began rolling out biometrics last year and is set to scrap passports in mid-late 2024, it seems Emirates may have beaten them to the punch.

Mastercard Taps Japan’s NEC to Roll Out Biometric Checkouts Across APAC (FinTech Futures, Nov 16, 2023)
Launched in May last year with Brazil’s Payface and St Marche as early adopters, the programme offers a technology framework that authenticates in-store transactions with the payer’s smile or hand, while addressing security, biometric performance, data protection and privacy requirements.


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