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X Can Now Ask Users for Government IDs to Verify Their Paid Accounts (The Verge, Sep 15, 2023)
A pop-up window for the feature notes that X is partnering with Israel-based verification company AU10TIX to facilitate the new authorization feature. All verification information — including photographs of user IDs and “extracted biometric data” — may be stored by AU10TIX for up to 30 days. This may explain why X updated its privacy policy at the end of August to include carveouts for “biometric information.”

DHS Names Eric Hysen Chief AI Officer, Announces New Policies for AI Acquisition and Facial Recognition (FEDSCOOP, Sep 15, 2023)
During the past two years of the Biden administration, multiple prominent civil rights groups have harshly criticized DHS’s approach to facial recognition, particularly its contracts with controversial tech company, Clearview AI, which continues to work with the agency.

US Homeland Security Department Reveals New AI Guardrails as it Deploys Technology Across Agency (Reuters, Sep 14, 2023)
As part of the new policy, Americans are able to decline the use of facial recognition technology in a variety of situations, including during air travel check-ins. The guidelines will also require that facial recognition matches discovered using AI technology be manually reviewed by human analysts to ensure their accuracy, according to a new directive that the agency plans to release alongside the AI memo later on Thursday.

Biometric Payment is on the Rise, here are the Pros and Cons (Medium, Sep 14, 2023)
Using biometric data has been on the rise for years. Anything from unlocking our phones to paying for groceries can use our biometrics. While fingerprints have been commonly used in recent years, companies are now expanding to biometric payments. Here are some pros and cons of paying with biometric payments.

Two Men Arrested in Tokyo Over Alleged Theft Using Face ID (The Japan Times, Sep 15, 2023)
Two Tunisian men in their 20s have been arrested in Tokyo for allegedly having used Apple's Face ID feature to unlock a stranger's smartphone while the victim was drunk and asleep in order to fraudulently send large sums of money through a mobile banking app, according to media reports.


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