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From Self-Driving Cars to Military Surveillance: Quantum Computing Can Help Secure the Future of AI Systems (EconoTimes, May 26, 2023)
Artificial intelligence algorithms are quickly becoming a part of everyday life. Many systems that require strong security are either already underpinned by machine learning or soon will be. These systems include facial recognition, banking, military targeting applications, and robots and autonomous vehicles, to name a few. This raises an important question: how secure are these machine learning algorithms against malicious attacks?

Digital ID Can Help to Better Serve Marginalised Groups in Society (Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, May 24, 2023)
The survey’s preliminary findings are designed to highlight the use cases with the greatest potential impact in each of the countries and for each of the marginalised groups. The insights provide opportunities for policymakers, government agencies and stakeholders involved in digital-ID implementation to prioritise the needs and interests of underserved groups. Additionally, the findings are useful in identifying barriers, with recommendations provided to governments on how to overcome these.

The Untapped Business Potential of Computer Vision Technology (Forbes, May 26, 2023)
Surveillance systems equipped with facial recognition software, for instance, are now more effective than ever in identifying individuals. As with generative AI, we must consider the ramifications of these technological advances, carefully weigh the benefits against the risks and work toward effective regulation.

São Paulo to Proceed with Citywide Facial Recognition Program (Biometric Update, May 25, 2023)
A mass deployment of facial recognition cameras is coming to São Paulo. The Court of Justice overturned a legal suspension of procurement for the program, which was enacted over concerns about data protection and racial bias. Bids can now commence to find a provider for the Smart Sampa system, a network of 20,000 cameras equipped with advanced facial recognition capability, and the ability to store and cross-reference time, location and biometrics.

Veriff Introduces Biometric Age Estimation Platform (Biometric Update, May 26, 2023)
Age estimation solutions are still relatively new in the market compared to age verification solutions that are based on the date of birth extracted from a government-issued identity document,” explains Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO.

Brighton Gun-Safe Supplier Demonstrates Device Being Considered at Oxford Schools (CBS News, May 25, 2023)
With a tap of a screen, a scan of the eyes, and a snapshot of the face, the SRO Advantage safe opens in just seconds without a key, turn lock or passcode.

Genesis GV60 Facial Recognition Review: Does This Scary New Tech Actually Work? (TopGear, May 26, 2023)
Genesis is the world’s first car company to bring this to market. A camera in the B-pillar reads a 3D map of your face and, if it likes what it sees, unlocks the door for you. It’s called 'Face Connect' and there are coloured LEDs in a circle around the camera to let you know what’s going on. There’s then a fingerprint sensor inside that lets you start the car. Up to four faces can be stored in the system, and all the data is kept encrypted in the car – no biometric data is uploaded to a Genesis cloud server.


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