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U.S. Intelligence Building System to Track Mass Movement of People Around the World (VICE, May 22, 2023)
In one project, AIS simulated a cyber attack with 104 individuals and watched the way they moved. “Devices included traditional desktop systems, laptops, tablets, and mobile platforms. Modalities included accelerometer and gyroscope, keystroke data, mouse data, touchscreen interactions, and other information,” the firm said. “The technology tracks users through biometric features, including keystroke biometrics, mouse movement behavior, and gait detection.” In another project, called GANSpoofer, AIS used an AI model called a generative adversarial network (GAN) to make fake users that could defeat a biometric scanner. GANs have been used to create hyper realistic photos of people and animals that don’t exist. “We’ve shown that we can both detect the unique anomalies associated with an individual’s biometric behaviors and use this information to transform data into, not

How Will AI Shape Elections – And What are Governments Doing About it? (Verdict, May 22, 2023)
Team Jorge” may have been unmasked and Cambridge Analytica disbanded, but these organisations merely form the tip of a global iceberg of data privacy violation. According to a University of Oxford study, social media was used to manipulate political opinion and spread misleading propaganda in at least 81 countries in 2020. Methods include political chatbots, micro-targeting, content-shaping algorithms, cloned human voices and facial recognition databases.

Revolutionising Corporate Security: How Biometric Authentication is Redefining the Landscape (Business World, May 20, 2023)
According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the global biometric system market is projected to reach $66.4 billion by 2025, demonstrating the technology's growing acceptance. As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve, we can expect even more sophisticated biometric authentication methods to emerge, such as behavioural biometrics, which analyze patterns in user behaviour for authentication.

Dad Wants Safe Recalled After 6-Year-Old Son Unlocks it, Takes Gun to School (ABC 7 Chicago, May 22, 2023)
As gun owners with a little boy in the house, the Shenandoah, Iowa family bought a safe to make sure their gun was secure. Only a registered fingerprint can unlock it. At least that's what the family thought.

Amazon’s Palm-Scanning Payment Tech Will Now Be Able to Verify Ages, Too (TechCrunch, May 22, 2023)
Amazon has argued that palm reading is a more private form of biometrics because you can’t determine someone’s identity just by looking at their palm images. However, the company isn’t just storing palm images — it’s creating a customer database that matches palm images with other information. To now make the system capable of identifying someone’s age, customers can opt to update their ID to the Amazon One website. To do so, customers will go to one.amazon.com, upload photos of both the front and back of their government-issued ID, like a driver’s license, then snap a selfie to verify it’s them. Amazon says it doesn’t store these IDs after verification, which is performed by an unnamed ISO 27001-certified identity verification provider — a certification that references an international security standard.


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