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Connecticut’s New Privacy Act: Another New Layer of Complexity for Privacy Compliance (Spencer Fane , Mar 15, 2023)
Act applies to almost every business; controllers and processors must take specific actions to avoid violating the act; what happens if you violate the act 

The Genetic Information Privacy Act Could Bring the Next Wave of Class Actions in Illinois (JDSupra, Mar 16, 2023)
With its large damages provisions and broad definition of “genetic information,” GIPA lawsuits have the real potential to be the next wave of class action lawsuits flooding Illinois’ dockets. 

Indiana Lawmakers Push Ahead on Data Privacy (WIBC, Mar 16, 2023)
Sen. Liz Brown’s bill would let anyone demand a copy of the data a company is keeping on them and even order the company to delete their data and stop tracking them. 

Iowa Legislature Passes Consumer Data Privacy Bill (JDSupra, Mar 16, 2023)
Pending the governor’s signature, Iowa will become the sixth state to pass consumer data privacy legislation. Grid of applicability thresholds by state.

UN Cautions Against Biometrics in Counterterrorism Campaigns (Biometric Update, Mar 15, 2023)
“While biometric tools have been used successfully for legitimate public interest purposes, they have also been employed in connection with gross human rights violations, atrocity crimes and oppressive and authoritarian regimes,” writes Ní Aoláin in the report. 


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