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TSA Chief Says Biometrics and Tech Could Lower the Stress of Traveling (The Dallas Morning News , Mar 15, 2023)
Biometric technology, such as facial recognition, is increasingly being used in TSA’s identity verification process. Newer technology the agency is using is more than 99% effective. He said it hasn’t found any problems with passengers with darker complexions, like older technology once did. 

Mexican Deputies Endorse That Segob Controls Biometric Data (California 18, Mar 14, 2023)
The deputy of MC Braulio López Ochoa claimed that with the new law biometric data may be collected from all persons, not specified, from all the states of the Republic to give them to the Ministry of the Interior. 

Kenyan Election Equipment with Crucial Data Stolen Before Elections (Nation, Mar 15, 2023)
The theft may have happened between 2013 and 2021 and includes the loss of 952 Electronic Voter Identification System (Evid) laptops, 125 Biometric voter registration (BVR) kits and 1,315 hard disks. In some areas, the theft occurred just after the mass registration of voters a few months before the 2022 General Election. 

User Forgetfulness Drives Preference for Biometrics Over Passwords (ZDNet, Mar 15, 2023)
More than half of consumers have had to reset their password at least once a month because they struggle to remember it, with just 6% describing this form of authentication as safe. 

Creepy App Used Stolen Pictures of Dead People to Train Its Facial Recognition Algorithm (Futurism , Mar 14, 2023)
PimEyes' misdeeds are symptomatic of a future where our online identities and even our faces are anything but protected from prying eyes. 


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