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Washington Aims to Finally Take on Big Tech’s ‘Inadequate’ Approach to Privacy (Yahoo! Finance, Jan 20, 2023)

President Joe Biden recently appealed to both Democrats and Republicans to come together to reign in Big Tech’s power. Biden’s plans, which he outlined in an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal, calls for a slew of reforms including changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and antitrust laws. The problem? Washington has tried and failed on both efforts for years. But there’s one area that both sides of the aisle are cautiously optimistic on for 2023: Americans’ data privacy. “I think there's increased recognition on the part of the public and legislators that the current regime around privacy and the current legal regime is inadequate and that we need to have more protections around data,” Samir Jain, vice president of policy at The Center for Democracy and Technology told Yahoo Finance.


Identity and Biometrics: What’s Going on with Age Verification? (Market Scale, Jan 20, 2023)

The year 2017 marked the first time ever that half of the world’s population got online. Today, internet connection and social media use clocks in at 5 billion and 4.7 billion users respectively – over half of the world’s population and growing. For many nations around the world, internet traffic for age-appropriate content is one factor they must consider regulating. So what exactly are countries doing to help create a safer online environment? For one, they’re creating legislation on regulation. Government officials in the EU, for instance, introduced their regulatory framework that went into effect in 2018, called the “General Data Protection Regulation,” which aims to protect data through impact assessments. In the UK, the convention is similar but more specifically focused on minors and the internet.


Police across Minnesota turning to Hennepin County Sheriff for facial recognition software (CBSNews, Jan 20, 2023)
Officers around Minnesota are enlisting the help of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, the only law enforcement agency in the state that has facial recognition technology.

Aviation Industry Applauds Delay of EU Biometric Border Checks (AINonline, Jan 20, 2023)

The International Air Transport Association and Europe’s main air transport trade groups Airlines for Europe, the European Regions Airline Association, and Airports Council International welcomed the decision on Friday to delay the implementation of the EU’s Entry-Exit System (EES)—the smart border system for non-EU nationals entering the bloc. In a joint statement, the trade bodies called the EES a “game changer” for how the EU’s borders get managed, though they maintain that “several issues” need resolution to ensure a smooth rollout and operation of the system so that air passengers do not face disruptions.


Removing the Security Roadblocks to App Modernization (Solutions Review, Jan 20, 2023)
The benefits of the cloud aren’t lost on anyone. Organizations gain agility, flexibility, and scalability, leading to productivity gains, cost savings, and innovation. Yet, migrating to the cloud can be a painful and frustrating process. Especially modernizing applications, which pose a formidable challenge. As a result, many organizations turn to a basic lift-and-shift approach. But this doesn’t tap into the full power of the cloud– or enable many of the features and capabilities that make the cloud so attractive. The most successful initiatives involve true app modernization, but that introduces its own obstacle: modifying identity management systems.


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