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AI Facial Recognition Systems Work the Worst for Black Women (Allure, Aug 04, 2022)
I got curious about computer science when I was nine years old. I was watching PBS and they were interviewing someone from MIT who had created a social robot named Kismet. It had big ears that moved. It could smile. I didn't know you could do that with machines. So, from when I was little, I had in my mind that I wanted to be a robotics engineer and I was going to MIT. Eventually, I did reach MIT, but I went to Georgia Tech for my undergraduate degree. I was working to get a robot to play peekaboo because social interactions show some forms of perceived intelligence. It was then that I learned about the code bias: Peekaboo doesn't work when your robot doesn't see you.

W.Va. School District Considers Implementing Facial Recognition (Security InfoWatch, Aug 04, 2022)
Marion County Schools could soon take advantage of facial recognition software. Monday night, the Marion County School Board heard a presentation from Rank One Computing, a Denver-based security company whose East Coast headquarters are located in the Mountain State. Representing ROC at the presentation was the company's CEO Scott Swan, a West Virginia native. The main product ROC offers that interests the school system is ROC Watch, a facial recognition software that "takes dumb cameras and makes them smart," according to Swan. The program allows the schools to create a database of known faces that will be picked up by the security cameras around each campus. The programs will check faces and check them against databases made by the schools to ensure individuals approaching campus are expected or known.

Biometrics As a Foundation of Zero Trust: How Do We Get There? (Security Magazine, Aug 04, 2022)

The IT landscape is changing before our eyes. Accessing data, applications, and services from anywhere and exchanging that information with others has never been easier — but it’s also never been more fraught with security risks. All that power and access comes at a price, and remote devices, Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions create a large target for attackers to attempt to hit. That’s why the zero trust network access model was created. Zero trust is a security model that differs from more traditional approaches in one notable sense: it’s a security framework that requires all users — regardless of if they’re in or outside the organization’s network — to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before being granted access to, or keeping access to applications and data.


Let’s See, NYPD: Judge is Right to Order Release of BLM Protest Surveillance Records (Daily News, Aug 04, 2022)

In a free and open society, it is imperative that the public know how and why the police makes its decisions and chooses to deploy its resources. That goes double for monitoring of free expression, triple if it’s with sophisticated surveillance technologies, and quadruple for the monitoring of expression against the police itself, an activity with a high potential for abuse .We commend New York Supreme Court Justice Laurence Love for upholding that principle in siding with Amnesty International and the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project to order the NYPD to turn over 2,700 pages of documents related to the facial recognition monitoring of protesters during the Black Lives Matters protests that surged through the city in 2020, or explain in detail why it can’t.


First EU Travel Route with Only Digital ID Pends Approval: Finland to Croatia (Biometric Update, Aug 04, 2022)

In the first stage, a passport would still be necessary. Väisänen told the Helsingin Sanomat that a traveler would have an app on their phone to contain a digital travel document. Before travel they would send the information in the document electronically and in advance to border authorities. The data is deleted after the trip.  At border inspection, a photo is taken of the passenger to be used for identification. The passenger would need to hold the passport over the reader, but not open for a scan. This would be to read the chip. In a later step, the passenger would be able to hold his or her phone over the reader. Similar plans are in place for Croatia, but passengers would need to take a physical credential to ensure they can complete all legs of the journey.


Identity Week America, October 4 -5, 2022 (Terrapinn, Aug 04, 2022)
IDENTITY WEEK is the most important identity event in the USA. IDENTITY WEEK is a conference and exhibition bringing together the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions. Key areas of focus include secure physical credentials, digital identity, and advanced authentication technologies, such as biometrics.


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