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Contract Lawyers Latest Sector to Face Remote Surveillance Programs (Washington Post, Nov 12, 2021)
Camille Anidi, an attorney on Long Island, quickly understood the flaws of the facial recognition software her employers demanded she use when working from home. The system often failed to recognize her face or mistook the Bantu knots in her hair as unauthorized recording devices, forcing her to log back in sometimes more than 25 times a day. When she complained, she said, her bosses brushed it off as a minor technical issue, though some of her lighter-skinned colleagues told her they didn’t have the same problem — a common failing for some facial recognition systems, which have been shown to perform worse for people of color.

Biometric Recognition Technology Implemented At Vienna Airport (Passenger Terminal Today, Nov 12, 2021)
Austrian Airlines and Vienna International Airport have introduced Star Alliance Biometrics, a biometric recognition system for contactless travel. Star Alliance Biometrics uses an identification solution based on the facial recognition technology NEC I:Delight from the Japanese NEC Corporation. The facial recognition technology ensures contactless passenger movement throughout the terminal, security and boarding as passengers do not have to present identification documentation. The tech can also still operate when passengers have an FFP2-mask on. To operate the technology, a special infrastructure has been set up at the Vienna hub in Terminal 3.

Oversight Of Biometrics And Surveillance Should Not Go To ICO (Computer Weekly, Nov 12, 2021)
Government plans to make the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) responsible for monitoring the use of biometric and DNA data by the police are “ill-conceived”, claims the UK’s biometrics and surveillance camera commissioner, Fraser Sampson. As biometrics commissioner, Sampson is responsible for oversight of how police collect, retain and use a range of biometric material (including digital facial images), while as surveillance camera commissioner he is tasked with encouraging police compliance with the surveillance camera code of practice.

Facing up to the Future: Biometric Automation In Banking (Fin Extra, Nov 12, 2021)
The advantages of biometric authentication in banking over less secure passwords are now well understood. Biometric measures such as fingerprints and face verification not only help to reduce fraud and financial loss for banks and their customers, but they make transactions more convenient and faster for users. As a result, consumers the world over have become accustomed to the merits of biometrics.

Law Firms Are Monitoring Remote Workers With Dystopian Racist Surveillance Systems (Wonkette, Nov 12, 2021)
One of the more positive side-effects of the pandemic is the fact that companies are now increasingly open to employees working remotely. It's a big deal, particularly for the disabled, for those who can't move (or don't want to move for a job they don't know they'll have for very long), and for parents. One of the less positive, non-COVID-related side-effects is that a bunch of weirdos have become obsessed with the idea that the vaccine includes a microchip Mark of the Beast tracker so that Bill Gates and Satan can track your every move.

Is Royal Caribbean Cruises Looking at Face Recognition Cabin Locks? (Cruise Critic, Nov 12, 2021)
We’ve seen cabin doors on cruise ships that unlock as you approach, thanks to a wearable device, and that you can open via an app on your smartphone. Now Royal Caribbean Group seems to be experimenting with doors that open when they recognize your face. The cruise company filed a U.S. patent application on Thursday for a “multifunction smart door device” that would control access to a stateroom “based on facial recognition or a wireless credential.”


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