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Keyless Granted Privacy Patent For Biometric Authentication Technology (PR Newswire, Sep 30, 2021)
The Keyless privacy-by-design technology utilizes innovative cryptography and secure multi-party computing on the edge. When a user enrols with Keyless, their biometric template is encrypted, broken up into "shards" and stored across multiple servers. Even if a server is compromised, the attackers would never have access to the complete dataset. The user's template is also deleted from the device they used to enrol. When next they are asked to authenticate, the user looks into a forward-facing camera and their details are matched against the stored "shards;" at no time is the full template ever restored. The way Keyless technology processes and stores data means that it exceeds GDPR (no personally identifiable information is stored) and in conjunction with partners, adheres to PSD2 SCA requirements.

Technology Modernization Fund Support Awarded to 7 New Agency IT Projects (FedScoop, Sep 30, 2021)

The Technology Modernization Fund Board on Thursday announced seven new projects in its first round of awards for agency IT modernization since the fund received a $1 billion infusion as part of the American Rescue Plan. The Office of Personnel ManagementGeneral Services Administration and the departments of Homeland Security and Education will receive support for new proposals through the distribution, which in total hands out $311 million to agencies for projects largely focused on addressing cybersecurity, data privacy concerns and the move to zero trust. The board did not reveal the repayment terms for each project.


Are AI, Data and Biometrics The Key to a Sustainable Future For Baggage? (International Airport Review, Sep 30, 2021)
Artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics are improving the way we travel. From passenger facial recognition allowing quicker check-in, security clearance and onboarding, to data-driven automation helping airlines provide more informed dynamic pricing – we’re living in a faster, more efficient, tech-driven world. But can the same be said for baggage? We’ve been using the same basic systems and technology to track and handle passenger luggage for – thermal barcode scan tags and RFID (the “newest” player in the field).

How Much Trust Should We Place in the Security of Biometric Data? (Help Net Security, Sep 30, 2021)
An increasing number of people around the world are being displaced by factors such as climate change, natural disasters, and wars. The people attempting to cross international borders may be doing so under significant pressures, and with little time for preparation. Increasingly, biometric data is being collected from people who are entering countries as refugees. Although the collected information varies from country to country, within the UK fingerprints and a facial image are collected as standard. By setting this requirement for people wishing to enter a country urgently, are we stripping people of the right to privacy? Are people in this sometimes “life or death” situation able to provide informed consent for the use of their biometric data?

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BIO-key PortalGuard IDaaS Wins 2021 “Access Management Solution of the Year” (Intrado Globenewswire, Sep 30, 2021)
Rigid security controls and passwords make it difficult for today’s digitally transformed enterprise to prevent cyberattacks while making sure that employees, customers, and suppliers can get the resources they need. BIO-key PortalGuard IDaaS is a single, unified IAM platform that customers select for its powerful identity security with unmatched flexibility.PortalGuard IDaaS offers an unmatched variety of choices for multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and self-service password reset (SSPR), and is the only IAM platform on the market offering Identity-Bound Biometrics as an authentication method, that provides the highest level of integrity and is well-suited for everyday use cases including remote workforces, third-party access, Customer IAM (CIAM), and passwordless workflows.


Connect ID: Conference & Exhibition: October 5 - 6, 2021 (Terrapin, Sep 30, 2021)
Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC The World of Identity Under One Roof Opening times are: Tue 5 Oct | Conference: 08:50 - 17:15 • Exhibition: 09:00 - 18:00 Wed 6 Oct | Conference: 09:00 - 17:00 • Exhibition: 10:00 - 16:15 Connect:ID is a world class identity conference and exhibition, showcasing practical implementations of trusted identity solutions, and highlighting how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change. Connect:ID is central to Governments, financial institutions, corporate end users, systems integrators, researchers, consultants, national and industry-focused media.


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