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Final Action Expected On King County Proposal To Ban Facial Recognition Software (My North West, Jun 01, 2021)
King County may choose to ban government use of facial recognition software when the proposal faces final action at a meeting of the full council at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1. The county would join a growing number of cities that have banned the use of facial recognition software by government, including Portland, Boston, and San Francisco.

Baltimore City Council Advances Extreme Ban On Facial Recognition (Security System News, Jun 01, 2021)
The Baltimore City Council’s Public Safety & Government Operations Committee moved on May 26, 2021 to advance a proposal that would ban nearly all applications of facial recognition technology in the city. Prior to the vote, the Security Industry Association (SIA) and other leading technology and business groups wrote a letter to the committee expressing concerns about the profound negative impact of the measure for residents of Baltimore. Importantly, the letter noted, “[prohibiting] access to opt-in customer experience conveniences, whether in retail, health care or other settings, is much broader than the concerns raised around law enforcement and government applications.”

Bias In Facial Recognition Isn’t Hard To Discover, But It’s Hard To Get Rid Of (Market Place, Jun 01, 2021)
This episode originally aired on March 22, 2021. Joy Buolamwini is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab who pioneered research into bias that’s built into artificial intelligence and facial recognition. And the way she came to this work is almost a little too on the nose. As a graduate student at MIT, she created a mirror that would project aspirational images onto her face, like a lion or tennis star Serena Williams. But the facial-recognition software she installed wouldn’t work on her Black face, until she literally put on a white mask. Buolamwini is featured in a documentary called “Coded Bias,” now streaming on Netflix. She told me about one scene in which facial-recognition tech was installed at an apartment complex in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The following is an edited transcript of our conversation.

Clearview AI — The Facial Recognition Company Embraced By U.S. Law Enforcement — Just Got Hit With A Barrage Of Privacy Complaints In Europe (Forbes, Jun 01, 2021)
Clearview AI, the American purveyor of facial recognition tech reportedly used by thousands of government and law enforcement agencies throughout the world, is facing an onslaught of legal complaints across Europe Thursday for allegedly breaching the bloc’s strict data protection laws.

YouTube Claims to Be "Explicitly Clear" on Facial Recognition, But Is It Really? (Make Use of, Jun 01, 2021)
YouTube sent out a Terms of Service Update in May 2021. Users might notice more advertisements, and other monetization changes will impact content creators. However, for the most part, the update was fairly run-of-the-mill and was only intended to make existing terms of service more clear. Per the email,

Facial Recognition Payment To Be Rolled Out At Moscow Metro Stations (Railway Gazette, Jun 01, 2021)
RUSSIA: A facial recognition based payment system is to be offered at all Moscow Metro stations by the end of the year, according to Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department of Transport & Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

Human Rights Groups Call For An End To Digital Surveillance Of Immigrants (The Guardian, Jun 01, 2021)
Human rights groups are calling on the Biden administration and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) to put an end to a digital surveillance program that keeps tabs on nearly nearly 100,000 immigrants. A new report called Ice Digital Prisons, authored by the Latinx organizing group Mijente and immigration legal rights group Just Futures Law, highlights how Ice uses apps, GPS-tracking ankle monitors and facial recognition software to monitor people – saying these tactics “do more harm and inhibit any true progress in providing the social and economic tools for immigrants to thrive in their communities”


Connect:ID 2021, 5-6 October, Washington (Terrapinn, Jun 01, 2021)
Connect:ID is a world class identity conference and exhibition, showcasing the potential of trusted identity solutions, and highlighting how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change. New secure, seamless ID solutions are essential, as authorities seek to provide citizens with better ways to identify themselves, so they can vote, pay, travel, work, interact, and transact without impediment. Join us at connect:ID 2021 to shape the future of global trusted identity. Whether you take part as a sponsor, exhibitor, delegate or visitor, connect:ID will provide countless opportunities to network, learn and do business. Join us and thousands of others to explore the future of identity!


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