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Google Won. So Did Tech. (NY Times, Apr 06, 2021)
On Monday, the Supreme Court said it was kosher to copy someone else’s computer code in some cases. That handed Google a win in a decade-long court battle with Oracle over the guts of the Android smartphone system. I’ll explain why the technology industry was relieved by the decision, and the ways it might be relevant for artists, writers and archivists. I also want us to ponder this: Why are thorny legal questions seemingly inescapable in technology right now?

The NYPD Has Misled The Public About Its Use Of Facial Recognition Tool Clearview AI (Buzz Feed News, Apr 06, 2021)
Despite statements from the NYPD in early 2020 stating that it had no relationship with the facial recognition software company Clearview AI, documents from a new public records request reveal that the company was an acknowledged vendor to the department from as early as 2018 and continued to enjoy a congenial relationship with officers on the force long after. The NYPD told BuzzFeed News in February 2020 that it “does not have any contract, agreement, or relationship with Clearview AI, formally or informally.” It also told BuzzFeed News in January 2020 that it has “no institutional relationship” with the company. However, documents obtained through a public records request submitted under the name Rachel Richards contradict these claims.

Hampton And Newport News Police Used Facial Recognition App, Then Denied It (Daily Press, Apr 06, 2021)
Police in both Hampton and Newport News tried a controversial facial recognition app that their departments later said they had never used, data released Tuesday show. The revelation, contained in a database obtained by BuzzFeed News, means three Hampton Roads police departments wrongly told the Daily Press and Virginian-Pilot their officers had never used Clearview AI. The third was Virginia Beach police, who admitted in early March that some of their detectives used the app in criminal investigations starting in 2019.

Facial Recognition Software Can Now Reportedly Recognize Bears (Grunt Stuff, Apr 06, 2021)
They’ll by no means get away with stealing picnic baskets once more! Facial recognition software isn’t only for people anymore — new know-how can additionally recognize bears, CNN reported Sunday. Melanie Clapham, a postdoctoral fellow on the College of Victoria and bear biologist, teamed up with two Silicon Valley-based tech employees to create BearID, which displays grizzly bears with mug-matching software. Utilizing synthetic intelligence, the undertaking has been capable of recognize 132 of the animals individually and it’s a way more efficient — and secure — option to monitor animals, particularly bears, Clapham defined.

When Working From Home Becomes A Never-Ending Nightmare (Marie Claire, Apr 06, 2021)
An employee at a global recruitment company in Sydney, Australia, Catriona* was relieved when she maintained her role in the face of pandemic-related mass layoffs. At 33, she'd worked her way up the corporate ladder, landing as the head of a sales team. Then, everything went sour when working from home led to systematic, ongoing bullying from her manager. "My manager keeps sending emails that ask me what I’m doing and to list every task,” she says. “Until I began working from home, she'd never done this, but now she is asking to join my Zoom meetings to observe my interactions with clients, which is making me really anxious, and it's weird for my clients," Catriona tells Marie Claire.

Guard Digital Identity With Artificial Intelligence (Forbes, Apr 06, 2021)
With more companies moving their business models online and adopting new solutions, it's been opening up more opportunities for cybercrime and identity theft. The spread of Covid-19 has only made it worse, as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimated a loss of $13.4 million to Covid-19 scams as of April 15, 2020. This makes the protection of digital identity more important than ever before. This is also a new era of identity authentication. With artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics, users today are enjoying more streamlined processes while reaping the benefits of added security.

Parental Rights Measure Headed To Full Senate (Florida Politics, Apr 06, 2021)
Legislation codifying a so-called ‘parents’ bill of rights’ cleared Rules, its final Senate committee of reference, on Tuesday. The bill will now advance to the Senate floor, with the House companion version having already been passed earlier this month. If the bill passes the Senate and becomes law, it takes effect in July, in time for the next academic year. The “Parents’ Bill of Rights” (SB 582) codifies the “fundamental rights” of parents to direct the upbringing of their child relative to school districts, including any decisions about education, health care, and mental health. The legislation allows parents to opt out of health care services, including vaccines and biometric scans.

Biometric Time Attendance Helps to Boost Productivity (Open PR , Apr 06, 2021)
In the progressive's world 'Time is money" and it is the essential factor to run a business and most of the recourses Biometric Time Attendance management is most Effective way to track work force. Payroll processing is often observed to be time-consuming and cumbersome in the absence of successful time attendance practices, which can result in dishonest behaviors such as attendance forging as well as employee irregularity, thereby resulting in low employee morale stifling long-term growth of organizations.


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