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Virginia Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Bill That Bans Facial Recognition Technology (WTVR, Apr 01, 2021)
In February, Virginia lawmakers from both parties unanimously approved a bill that would restrict the use of facial recognition technology. Right now, law enforcement agencies across the state can use this technology without the knowledge of local or state leaders. Your images could be in these systems without you even knowing it.

Uber Driver With Newly-Shaved Head 'Loses Job' As Facial Recognition Fails; Firm Differs (News 18, Apr 01, 2021)
When Srikanth, an Uber driver based in Hyderabad, offered his hair to the presiding deity at the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, he sought divine intervention to bring more happiness and prosperity into his life, but his sacrifice pushed him into an unpredicted identity crisis. While trying to log into Uber’s internal portal for its network of drivers, Srikanth could not re-register himself as the software failed to recognise his new look with the tonsured head. He tried his luck at least four times, clicking selfies from different angles, but ultimately found himself banned by the facial recognition software for ‘multiple logging attempts’

AI Bias Is Do (E&T , Apr 01, 2021)
Negative headlines surrounding AI are hardly new. But while the allegations of robots stealing our jobs have been widely discredited, stories around AI bias have shone a light on a pervasive issue, and on human prejudices. When implemented properly, AI can fuel huge efficiencies and unlock significant improvements in customer experience and engagement. For marketers, it can be a particularly valuable tool. AI can be used to leverage data on customers’ predicted browsing and buying behaviour and their demographic sector, and these insights can then be used to make informed decisions about when and how people are likely to buy.

Italy Issues First Brexit Residence Cards To British Nationals (The Local, Apr 01, 2021)
The Italian government has started production of the long-awaited biometric residence cards for UK nationals living in Italy, with the first already delivered. British residents have begun collecting their so-called carta di soggiorno after three months of confusion, with some of the first cards picked up in Milan this week. The residence card, which proves the special status of Brits who were already living in Italy before Brexit, has been a source of frustration with reports of Brits not being able to access healthcare, renew work contracts and withdraw pensions without it – even though it is supposed to be optional. While citizens’ rights campaigners have called for an urgent response to the problem, the new residence card is at least finally in production.

Biometric Attendance At TIA Should Match For Workers (Khabarhub, Apr 01, 2021)
KATHMANDU: Foreign job aspirants need to match their biometric attendance registered during the orientation at the labor chamber at an international airport to get a pass into their destination country. Otherwise, they will be returned to their respective country from the airport. This comes in the wake of the findings of foreign job aspirants taking certificates without attending classes on the respective job or taking fake biometric attendance, said the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal.


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