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TSA Leadership Selections in Enterprise Support and Operations Support (ACI-NA, Nov 18, 2020)
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advised ACI-NA of leadership selections in Enterprise Support (ES) and Operations Support (OS). Following is the announcement TSA Administrator Pekoske sent all employees. It is my pleasure to announce the following leadership selections:

Senate Committee Approves Bills on Registered Traveler Program and Aircraft Certification (ACI-NA, Nov 18, 2020)
The Senate Commerce Committee today advanced to the full Senate bills on the TSA’s registered traveler program and the FAA’s aircraft certification process. The Senate is unlikely to take up the individual bills during its post-election session, but any of the measures could be attached to must-pass legislation in the waning days of this congress or reintroduced when the new congress convenes in January. You can watch today’s committee markup here.

EU Restrictions Could Force Companies to Change Data Transfer Practices (Wall Street Journal, Nov 18, 2020)
Some companies likely will have to significantly change how they secure data to continue working with European companies, under draft guidelines issued last week by the European Union that require increased privacy safeguards for information transferred outside the bloc.

Democrats Call For More Regulation Of The Tech Industry. (NY Times, Nov 18, 2020)
The calls for legislative changes could portend an agenda aimed at Silicon Valley in the next Congress.

Senators Threaten Regulatory Crackdown on Facebook and Twitter Content Policies (Saved by The Well, Nov 18, 2020)
A Senate committee left little doubt Tuesday that changes are coming to social media giants Facebook and Twitter for their policies on controlling content posted on their websites. Democrats and Republicans at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing accused the companies of favoring some kinds of political information while censoring or downplaying others.

Government Surveillance By Data (NY Times, Nov 18, 2020)
This is the ultimate example of what’s broken in digital life: The locations of people who used apps to pray and hang their shelves wound up in U.S. military databases. Vice’s Motherboard publication this week reported that data on people’s movements collected by seemingly innocuous apps passed through multiple hands before being bought by U.S. defense contractors and military agencies. It’s not clear what the military is doing with the information.

Now Launching AirportX (ACI-NA, Nov 18, 2020)
With AirportX, turn challenges into opportunities Companies can use AirportX to provide airport professionals with targeted information and new connections for products and services.

Ethics Of Facial Recognition Studies Worry Scientists — Survey Results (Nature, Nov 18, 2020)
As facial-recognition systems grow more common in society, researchers and activists have pushed back against their spread. They’re worried by the technology’s inaccuracies and how it is used, and they have concerns about the ethics of some research in this area.

The Troubling Rise Of Facial Recognition Technology (Nature, Nov 18, 2020)
Cities across the globe are installing thousands of surveillance cameras equipped with facial recognition technology. Although marketed as a way to reduce crime, researchers worry that these systems are ripe for exploitation and are calling for strict regulations on their deployment.

LAPD Bars Use Of Third-party Facial Recognition Systems, Launches Review After BuzzFeed Inquiry (LA Times , Nov 18, 2020)
The Los Angeles Police Department has barred officers and detectives from using outside facial recognition platforms in their investigations after uncovering a handful of detectives had used a powerful commercial software platform known as Clearview AI without permission.


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