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Airline Surveillance Cameras May Tattle On You For Not Wearing A Face Mask (https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2020/06/29/airline-surveillance-cameras-may-tattle-on-you-for-not-wearing-a-face-mask/#7031910d2665, Jun 29, 2020)
It looks like airlines are finally getting much more serious about enforcing their own COVID-19 rules. Several airlines will soon be rolling out new surveillance technology that identifies people who are not complying with face-mask requirements, according to tech companies that provide AI-powered video detection solutions.

Why the racism in facial recognition software probably can’t be fixed. (Market place , Jun 29, 2020)
It’s been proven that facial recognition software isn’t good at accurately identifying people of color. It’s also known that police departments around the country use facial recognition tools to identify suspects and make arrests. And now we know about what is possibly the first confirmed wrongful arrest made as a result of mistaken identification by software. The New York Times reported last week how Robert Williams, a Black man, was wrongfully arrested in Detroit in January.

Boston City Council votes to ban use of facial recognition technology. (Cities Today, Jun 29, 2020)
Boston City Council has voted unanimously to pass an ordinance banning the use of facial surveillance technology by its city government agencies, including the police department. The move comes amid a push for broader regulatory oversight of biometric technologies.

Tech Companies Drop Development Of Facial Recognition. (Open access government , Jun 29, 2020)
Over the past three weeks, three major players in facial recognition technology made bold decisions to put the brakes on its development or drop out altogether. IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft cite a concern that law enforcement may be misusing the technology and violating human rights.

Police And Crime Commissioner Says Public Consent Needed For Any Use Of Live Facial Recognition Technology In Kent (Kent Online , Jun 29, 2020)
Public consent must be gained before facial recognition technology can be deployed by law enforcement in Kent, the police and crime commissioner (PCC) has said. Last year Kent Police was revealed to be in talks with the Home Office about trialling the system to help find missing and vulnerable people.

How Paranoid Should You Be About The Privacy Of Your Images Online? It Depends (Daily Maverick , Jun 29, 2020)
It could be argued that when it comes to images, the exchange between users and social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is an imperfect but mutually beneficial one. But how unsafe is it?

Peril Of Face Recognition Tech: Facing The End Of Freedom, One Face At A Time. Supreme Court Must Intervene (Times of India, Jun 29, 2020)
On June 9, IBM through a letter by its CEO Arvind Krishna announced that it’s exiting the facial recognition technology business altogether and wouldn’t condone use of any technology used for mass surveillance and racial profiling that violate “basic human rights and freedoms”.

How A 'White Obama' Image Highlights AI's Racial Bias (Screen rant , Jun 29, 2020)
A recently developed algorithm highlights the serious racial issue in AI by generating white faces, even when it a face as famous as Barack Obama.

Repeal California’s New Privacy Law, Another Big Burden on Struggling Businesses (ITIF, Jun 29, 2020)
On July 1, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect and create onerous and costly new obligations for how businesses collect and share personal information about individuals. For businesses already struggling to make payroll and cover rent, the economic cost of complying with the CCPA will hit hard. According to an assessment of the law commissioned by the state attorney general’s office, the law’s initial compliance costs will total $55 billion. It is not too late to rescind this law and eliminate these unnecessary costs.


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