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The Blurred Faces—and Ethics—of Protest Photography (Document Journal , Jun 24, 2020)
Amid revelations of the NYPD’s biometric surveillance programs, photojournalists are forced to reconsider photography in public space.

Google Workers Question Police Department Ties (Fox 7, Jun 24, 2020)
More than 1,600 Google workers signed a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai, in a bid to prevent the company from continuing to sell products to police departments, according to a report from TechCrunch on Monday.

European Railway Service To Instate Facial Recognition Technology In 2021 (Daily Hive, Jun 24, 2020)
Passengers aboard trains belonging to European railway operator Eurostar may soon use a different method to identify themselves other than a government-issued piece of ID, as the company anticipates installing facial recognition technology by next year.

U.S. Activists Fault Face Recognition In Wrongful Arrest For First Time (Reuters, Jun 24, 2020)
An incorrect facial recognition match led to the first known wrongful arrest in the United States based on the increasingly used technology, civil liberties activists alleged in a complaint to Detroit police on Wednesday.

IBM Condemns Use Of Facial Recognition Software For Anything Other Than Matching People With Their Celebrity Doppelganger (The Onion, Jun 24, 2020)
Plus, life in New York City is returning to normal, but not without some precautions for commuters.

Experts Denounce Racial Bias Of Crime-Predictive Facial-Recognition AI (Threat Post, Jun 24, 2020)
More than 1,000 technology experts and academics from organizations such as MIT, Microsoft, Harvard and Google have signed an open letter denouncing a forthcoming paper describing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can predict crime based only on a person’s face, calling it out for promoting racial bias and propagating a #TechtoPrisonPipeline.

Facial Recognition To 'predict Criminals' Sparks Row Over AI Bias (Yahoo, Jun 24, 2020)
A US university's claim it can use facial recognition to "predict criminality" has renewed debate over racial bias in technology. Harrisburg University researchers said their software "can predict if someone is a criminal, based solely on a picture of their face".

Beyer Introduces Legislation To Block Law Enforcement From Using Facial Recognition Technology With Body Cam Footage (Don Beyer, Jun 24, 2020)
Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) today introduced the Stop Biometric Surveillance by Law Enforcement Act, legislation that would prohibit federal law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition technology and other biometric surveillance tools on footage from body cameras. The bill would also prevent state and local law enforcement agencies from purchasing body cameras with those capabilities using federal funds. Beyer said:

Legislation Would Block Police From Using Facial Recognition With Body Cam Footage (Biometric Update, Jun 24, 2020)
The bill would prohibit the “use [of] facial recognition technology or other biometric surveillance systems on any image acquired by body-worn cameras of law enforcement officers” if the cameras were purchased with federal Urban Area Security Initiative Grant monies.

ACLU Files First Formal Complaint Over Wrongful Facial Recognition Arrest (The Verge, Jun 24, 2020)
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a formal complaint against Detroit police over what it says is the first known example of a wrongful arrest caused by faulty facial recognition technology.


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