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A Report Says Amazon Wants To Treat Customers In An Eye-Opening New Way. (Inc.com, Sep 10, 2019)
To give Amazon your bodily information, when the company's facial recognition system managed to identify 28 members of Congress as criminals

Growing Backlash In China Against A.I. And Facial Recognition (CNBC, Sep 10, 2019)
China’s seemingly unfettered push into facial recognition is getting some high-level pushback. Face-swapping app Zao went viral last weekend, but it subsequently triggered a backlash from media — both state-run and private — over the apparent lack of data privacy protections.

Facing Police Opposition, California Lawmakers Limit Bill To Ban Facial Recognition (Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sep 10, 2019)
Legislation that originally sought to permanently ban California law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition technology in police body cameras has been drastically watered down as it heads for its final votes in the state Capitol.

Fight For The Future Launches New Campaign To Oppose The Use Of Facial Recognition Tech At Music Festivals And Gigs (Beta News, Sep 10, 2019)
Digital rights and advocacy group Fight for the Future has launched a campaign protesting against the use of facial recognition technology at music events. Big names such as Tom Morello, Gramatik and Amanda Palmer are backing the campaign which calls upon the likes of Ticketmaster to commit to not using the invasive surveillance technique at their festivals and concerts.

UTB Launches Facial Recognition ID Verification (Mortage Introducer, Sep 10, 2019)
United Trust Bank (UTB) has launched an electronic ‘facial recognition’ ID verification service through a smartphone app aimed at saving its mortgage introducers and customers time and money.

Norfolk Partnering With Facial Recognition Tech Company To Help Find Lost Pets (WTKR, Sep 10, 2019)
Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center is embracing technology and will use a facial recognition system to help find lost pets in the city. City officials say it is partnering with Finding Rover, a company whose mission is to use photos and profiles of lost cats and dogs to bring pets back together with their families.

Google Collects Face Data Now. Here's What It Means And How To Opt Out (Cnet, Sep 10, 2019)
The new Face Match technology isn't everywhere yet, but it's always looking. Find out what's happening with your face data and what you can do to stop it.

How To Review And Turn Off Facebook's Facial Recognition Feature (Cnet, Sep 10, 2019)
A new feature will use facial recognition to send an alert when someone posts a photo of you

Data Protection Watchdog Issues Clarifications On Use Of Facial Recognition Technology By Police (MACAU Business, Sep 10, 2019)
The Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP) has issued a statement looking to clarify misconceptions concerning facial recognition technology to be installed by police authorities in surveillance cameras.


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