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Businesses Across the Board Scramble to Comply With California Data-Privacy Law (Wall Street Journal, Sep 09, 2019)
Many retailers, restaurants and other nontech companies will be required to give Californians their personal information on request

Microsoft President Chides Facebook, Warns Of Weaponization Of Tech (Washington Post, Sep 09, 2019)
Microsoft built its fortune making the tools of technology that billions use every day. But the company’s president, Brad Smith, has increasing misgivings about how thieves, terrorists and scoundrels have weaponized those tools, and how the industry has failed too often to thwart them. He chides Facebook for allowing influence campaigns to flourish on the network.

Stadium Weeds Out Disruptive Fans With Facial Recognition (Wall Street Journal, Sep 09, 2019)
European soccer fans who throw their drinks or otherwise disrupt games are sometimes banned. If they try to sneak in, they may have to contend with a facial-recognition system at the stadium.

Congress Returns to Washington - The Week Ahead (ACI-NA, Sep 09, 2019)
Congress returns to Washington today with three weeks remaining in the federal fiscal year. House leaders have announced plans to take up a bill next week to keep the government open past the current September 30 deadline. The length of their continuing resolution has not been determined yet, but leaders have floated the idea of pushing the deadline out to Thanksgiving or early December. It is unclear if Senate Republicans are willing to accept a clean stopgap measure that does not include additional funding for Trump administration priorities, such as the southern border wall, but they will be under pressure to avoid another government shutdown on October 1.

Humaniq – Blockchain and Biometrics Come Together to Help the World | NewsWatch Review (News Watch TV, Sep 09, 2019)
The platform includes a number of user-friendly features like messenger, wallet, crowdfunding, business chats, biometric authentication without the need for formal documentation, zero commission fees on sending and receiving tokens, instant transfers, built-in chat, and so much more.

Albany Starting To Grapple With Facial Recognition Technology (News Day, Sep 09, 2019)
A western New York school district’s bid to become the first to install facial recognition technology in its building hallways has sparked a state review and calls to either place a moratorium on such technology or ban it outright.

The Public Is Split On Facial Recognition (Morning Brew, Sep 09, 2019)
Americans have very mixed feelings about Big Tech using facial recognition.

Google Is Always Listening. Now It’s Watching, Too, With The Nest Hub Max. (Washington Post, Sep 09, 2019)
This wizardry is made possible by facial recognition. The $230 Nest Hub Max offers a glimpse of how this controversial tech might be used in our homes

British Public Want Restrictions On The Use Of Facial Recognition Technology (Fe News, Sep 09, 2019)
Published by the Ada Lovelace Institute, the survey shows that the British public are prepared to accept use of facial recognition technology in some instances, when there is a clear public benefit and where appropriate safeguards are put in place, but they also want the government to impose restrictions on its use.


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