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When Apps Get Your Medical Data, Your Privacy May Go With It (NY Times, Sep 05, 2019)
Medical groups are warning that new federal data-sharing rules, enabling people to get their health records through a smartphone, could lead to invasions of privacy.

Americans Trust Police, But Not Advertisers, to Use Facial Recognition Technology Responsibly (Adweek Magazine, Sep 05, 2019)
Center’s recent survey to determine the country’s opinion on the use of facial recognition technology. The researcher polled 4,272 U.S

A Proposed Denver Law Would Ban Police From Using Facial Recognition Technology (Denverite, Sep 05, 2019)
Swatling said he takes issue with the underlying technology behind facial recognition software, called a neural network, because it is

More Than 30 Groups Demand Law Enforcement Ban on Facial Recognition Technology (Truth Out, Sep 05, 2019)
of facial recognition technology as part of his plan to overhaul the U.S. criminal justice system. “The rapid spread of facial recognition

The Future Of Airport Security? What Happens In Vegas Might Show Up At A TSA Checkpoint Near You (ithaca journal, Sep 05, 2019)
The TSA body scanner in the basement of McCarran International Airport looks unfinished, two large panels facing each other with no tubelike enclosure like those at other airports.

Our Face Recognition Nightmare Began Decades Ago. Now It’s Expanding (VICE, Sep 05, 2019)
Biometric systems used by ICE to round up migrants and separate families didn’t come from nowhere. They’ve been built over decades by both parties.

Ban Law Enforcement Use Of Facial Recognition, 30+ Groups Say (Daily Dot, Sep 05, 2019)
The calls to ban the use of facial recognition by law enforcement has even been brought up on the 2020 campaign trail.

People Of Color Less Likely To Trust Law Enforcement's Use Of Facial Recognition Tech, Survey Shows (The Hill, Sep 05, 2019)
People of color are less likely than white people to trust law enforcement's use of facial recognition technology, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

Detroit Activists Host Forum About Dangers Of Facial Recognition Technology (Metro Times, Sep 05, 2019)
A broad coalition of civil rights groups will gather in Detroit on Thursday evening to discuss the risks of the technology during a panel discussion that is open to the public.

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Iris ID Integrates With LEAF Access Cards And DESFire EV2 Increasing Interoperability For End Users (Iris ID , Sep 05, 2019)
Iris ID, a leading global provider of iris recognition technology, today announced its IrisAcess® biometric platform now integrates with LEAF access cards (smart cards) containing MiFare DESFire EV1 and EV2 technologies.

Iris ID Integrates With LEAF Access Cards And DESFire EV2 Increasing Interoperability For End Users
Publisher: Iris ID
Sep 05, 2019


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