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The Future Of Biometrics At The Airport And Beyond (ACI-NA, Aug 12, 2019)
Creating a seamless travel journey is the goal of future of passenger travel, and many in the aviation industry are looking to biometrics to create this experience. Biometrics at the airport enables passengers to use a single token to authenticate their identity when traveling through an airport, from check-in, to bag drop, through security, to boarding a flight and beyond. The experience not only improves the passenger experience, but also improves airport operations and alleviates challenges that arise with the increase of travelers

EU Nears Decisions In Facebook Privacy Cases (Wall Street Journal, Aug 12, 2019)
Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has power to levy billions of euros in fines; aims to send proposed decisions to other EU regulators by end of September

Apple Card Review: The Credit Card Of The Future Is No Card At All (Wall Street Journal, Aug 12, 2019)
Apple made a credit card you aren’t really supposed to use, because your financial future—according to Apple—is all about Apple Pay

Facebook Loses Facial Recognition Appeal, Must Face Privacy Class Action (NY Post, Aug 12, 2019)
A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected Facebook Inc.’s effort to undo a class-action lawsuit claiming that it illegally collected and stored biometric data for millions of users without their consent.

As Summer Camps Turn On Facial Recognition, Parents Demand: More Smiles, Please (Washington Post, Aug 12, 2019)
The services are offered free to parents. Another company, Texas-based Waldo Photos, says it offers facial-recognition services to more than 150 summer camps in 40 states for a daily fee, paid by either the camp or parents, of about $1 or $2 per child.

LIRR Union Officials Cry Foul: Biometric Clocks Point Of Contention (News Day, Aug 12, 2019)
Long Island Rail Road union leaders are raising new concerns about the MTA’s push to install biometric time clocks at employee facilities to help curb overtime abuse, arguing that the technology could drive up overtime costs if some workers have to travel out of their way to use them.

CBP Plans To Use Facial Recognition For ‘All Passenger Applications’ (NextGov, Aug 12, 2019)
The agency is ramping up its use of biometric identification technology as part of a broader effort to overhaul its traveler processing systems.

Facial Recognition Stirring Up Anti-Privacy Controversies (iHLS, Aug 12, 2019)
As the international dependency for Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition software for police and military forces increases, then so does the controversy revolving around the use of such technologies. People all over the world are calling for limitations of facial recognition technologies.

Call For Strategic Approach On Police Facial Recognition Tech (Business Cloud, Aug 12, 2019)
South Wales Police have confirmed their intention to use facial recognition technology, rolling its application out to 50 police officers for an initial three-month trial. The aim is to take a snapshot and analyse it immediately to identify whether a person is one they are looking for.

Company Plans To Build $7.5 Billion ' Smart Mini-city ' In Las Vegas (News 3 Las Vegas, Aug 12, 2019)
An extremely ambitious $7.5 billion real estate project was announced July 31 and is already scheduled to break ground in December 2019. Bleutech Park, sponsored by Bleutech Park Properties, Inc., will have net-zero buildings, according to a release, which will create an insular mini-city and featuring automated multi-functional designs, renewable energy sources, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, supertrees, self-healing concrete structures and more high-tech gadgetry straight from a science-fiction movie.

Joe Biden Calls For Development Of Smart Guns That Store Your Personal Data After Mass Shootings (News Week, Aug 12, 2019)
"I'll accelerate the development and deployment of smart-gun technology—something gun manufacturers have opposed—so that guns are keyed to the individual biometrics of authorized owners. We have to get these weapons of war off the streets."


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