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Biometric Authentication Reshaping The Future Of Online Payments (, Aug 09, 2019)
Today, modern customers opt for a safe, secure, and convenient biometric authentication using the fingerprint, face or voice- recognition. The FIDO powers the Computop’s biometrics to apply biometric authentication at every stage of the shopping process, from customer’s login to their checkout process. Smart authentication processes like the generation of the digital signature can transmit to the issuers with 3D Secure 2.0 data. This acts as the proof for the merchants; the whole already has applied PSD2- compliant strong customer authentication. The cloud service, Computop biometrics avails for access control, login procedures, and payment authentication.

Unlocking A Seamless Kerb-to-gate Travel Experience Through Biometrics (FutureTravel Experience, Aug 09, 2019)
“Getting there is half the fun” goes the old travel slogan, but air travel today can be filled with anxiety and, according to a survey by the International Air Transport Association, most travellers just want to get through the airport as quickly as possible. Good news though: technology is changing all that, and now a simple smile will be all it takes to unlock a frictionless, more enjoyable airport experience.

Researchers Bypass Apple’s Face ID by Using a Pair of Glasses (Tech Nadu, Aug 09, 2019)
Tencent researchers have demonstrated that it is possible to bypass Apple’s Face ID, unlocking an iPhone during Black Hat USA 2019 by using a special pair of glasses and tape on the lenses. Apple’s Face ID is considered to be one of the most secure biometrics locking systems, and compared to the implementations of other smartphone manufacturers, it performs way better and much more reliably. Researchers have tried to trick it again and again but failed, and last year, the FBI forced an iPhone X owner to unlock the device using his face.

Class Action Accuses Office Furniture Llc Of Violating Biometrics Identifier Act (Cooke County Record, Aug 09, 2019)
An office furniture seller and its corporate parent has been hit with a class action lawsuit, accusing it of violating an Illinois biometric privacy law by requiring workers to scan their fingerprints when punching the time clock each shift.

Facebook Facial Recognition Lawsuit Moves Forward In Court (Consumer Affairs, Aug 09, 2019)
The $35 billion class action suit claims Facebook harvested consumer biometric data without consent

South Wales Police Trials Facial Recognition App (UK Authority, Aug 09, 2019)
The move comes despite an ongoing controversy over the force’s previous trial of the technology that has embroiled it in a court case with civil rights campaign group Liberty.

NYCLU Demands Delay in Facial Recognition (WGRZ, Aug 09, 2019)
The Lockport city school district is facing new push back tonight after moving forward with plans to implement its facial recognition security system.

Summer Camps Use Facial Recognition So Parents Can Watch From Home (The Seattle Times, Aug 09, 2019)
When David Hiller’s two daughters checked into Camp Echo, a bucolic sleep-away camp in Upstate New York, they relinquished their cellphones for seven idyllic weeks away from their digital lives. But not Hiller: His phone rings 10 times a day with notifications from the summer camp’s facial-recognition service, which alerts him whenever one of his girls is photographed enjoying their newfound independence, going water-skiing or making a new friend.

China Deploys First Ai Robot Police That Tackles Criminals And Now We’re Living In ‘black Mirror’ (Next Shark, Aug 09, 2019)
The city of Handan in China’s Hebei province has unleashed its futuristic robot police force that is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies.


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