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Password Alternatives Still Elusive, Experts Say (Wall Street Journal, Aug 08, 2019)
The use of passwords as a primary means of authentication may be on the way out, but alternative technologies have their own security flaws. Despite years of development, a viable alternative to the password has yet to be found that doesn’t introduce other security risks, experts told reporters at an event hosted by Dell Technologies Inc. in New York last week.

United Is Introducing Biometric Checks For Frequent Flyers (ACI-NA, Aug 08, 2019)
In an effort to smooth the way for its frequent fliers, United Airlines has partnered with biometrics company CLEAR to offer free or discounted memberships to US-based MileagePlus members. Once travelers enroll, their data is stored on a secure identity platform that allows them to circumvent the line-waiting portion of the airport experience, using dedicated lanes to verify their identity with a quick fingerprint or retinal scan and getting them through to the physical screening step faster

My Voice is My Ultimate Password (Info Security Magazine, Aug 08, 2019)
Many businesses strive to deliver easy access to data and services that is simultaneously perceived as secure and easy-to-use by customers. With voice-based inquiries gaining in popularity and expected to reach 50% of all queries by 2020 according to Gartner, businesses are paying attention to voice biometrics and speech technologies.Voice biometrics is also recognized as the only biometric authentication method available for remote use, making it easier for consumers and enterprises to use and deploy.

Facial Recognition Trials Extended To Smartphones (Police Professional, Aug 08, 2019)
The force is to issue 50 officers with the app which will enable them to identify potential people of interest who are stopped on routine patrols. The app will allow the persons features to be compared to a database of suspects on a watchlist, enabling identification even if the individual provides false information.

Class Action: Brake Maker Power Stop Wrongly Forced Workers To Scan 'biometric Identifiers' When Punching Clock (Cooke County Record, Aug 08, 2019)
man who formerly worked for a car brake maker has filed a class action lawsuit, accusing his employer of violating an Illinois privacy law in the way it required employees to scan their "biometrics" when punching in and out of work shifts.

Fingerprint, Iris Scans Could Be Used To Screen Travelers At Chicago Airport (Security Info Watch, Aug 08, 2019)
A company that aims to offer travelers a quicker route through airport security is seeking approval to land at Chicago's airports. It's part of a partnership between United Airlines and Clear, which uses a fingerprint or iris scan to verify enrolled travelers' identities at airport security checkpoints. Passengers still need to go through airport security screening, but get through the identity check faster, according to Clear.

Facial Recognition And Society (WOSU, Aug 08, 2019)
Opponents argue scanning faces is a violation of the 4th amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches. But facial recognition is not exclusive to airports. It’s on our streets and in our criminal justice system. Today on All Sides, facial recognition, the American government, and potential consequences.

Revised Facial Recognition Policy OK'd By Lockport School Board (Niagara-Gazette, Aug 08, 2019)
A modified version of a policy covering the district's new facial recognition system received approval Wednesday from members of the Lockport School Board. The revised policy removes the possibility of all suspended students being included in a potential database of what district officials have described as unwanted individuals. Under the newly approved policy language, only suspended students who are considered a threat, as determined by law enforcement, will be considered for placement in the database.

Police Could Soon Tell If You’re Lying – And Your Eyes Are To Blame (Metro, Aug 08, 2019)
Dr Ailsa Millen conducted the study to see if liars could hide their reaction when shown a photograph of a familiar face. Participants denied knowledge of one familiar person while correctly rejecting genuinely unfamiliar faces. The research found most liars could not fully conceal markers of facial recognition.

Who Should Regulate Privacy? Federal And State Lawmakers Diverge On Consumer Data Protection (Geek Wire, Aug 08, 2019)
There’s growing consensus that something needs to be done about data privacy. But figuring out what should be done and who should be doing it is a lot more complicated.

Detroit Police Are Misrepresenting The Dangers Of Facial Recognition (Value Walk, Aug 08, 2019)
Police in Detroit hope to pass a policy directive that would entitle them to continue using facial recognition technology, which experts say “should be banned for all practical purposes.” The directive, submitted last week to the Board of Police Commissioners that was rejected outright by the community. Public comments on the new draft will be heard at a Board of Police Commissioners meeting on August 8.


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