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Gaming Authorities Underline That Any Surveillance Equipment In Casinos Requires Their Approval (MACAU Business, Aug 07, 2019)
This week news agency Bloomberg alleged that the DICJ had issued a memo to local gaming operators to not install any unapproved digital surveillance technology, including cameras or facial recognition technology, starting from August 1.

Apple To Add Face ID On Macs With Smart Auto-Wake Feature, Patent Suggests (BGR, Aug 07, 2019)
In 2017, Apple got rid of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and introduced a new 3D facial recognition tech called Face ID. The facial recognition system then made its way to the iPad. Now, there are reports claiming that the same feature will soon be available on the company’s Mac too. A fresh report asserts that the US Patent and Trademark Office has finally granted Apple with a new patent, labeled “Presence Sensing.”

Replicating Insect Vision To Improve Camera Detection Systems (Open Gov Asia, Aug 07, 2019)
Researchers from the University of South Australia are creating new technology based on the extraordinary vision of insects. The dragonfly possesses visual processing skills that are cause for envy. They can remain in the air under very tight control waiting for potential mates, prey or predators. Using their nearly 360-degree eyesight, they are able to discern targets against cluttered backgrounds and then take the appropriate action.

UK Lawsuit Questions Use Of Facial Recognition By Police (Globa lNews, Aug 07, 2019)
A British man has launched a lawsuit against UK police, to stop them from combining security video and facial recognition technology to build an extensive database to identify and catch criminals. As Redmond Shannon reports, many view the police move as an intrusion of privacy.

Camvi Ranked #1 Again in NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (Business Insider , Aug 07, 2019)
Camvi Technologies announced today that its advanced face recognition technology was ranked #1 in accuracy for Mugshot Photos in the most recent Face Recognition Vendor Tests (FRVT) conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Paysafe: Building consumer trust in authenticating payments using biometrics. (Fin Tech Magazine, Aug 07, 2019)
Yet despite biometrics becoming commonplace, it seems that consumers are still wary of their use in conjunction with their financial data, with over half (56%) still preferring the humble password to authenticate payments, according to our latest research. However, using our biometrics will be key to authenticating card-not-present (CNP) payments once compliance with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) legislation is enforced.

We Need To Better Educate The Public About AI's Limitations (Forbes, Aug 07, 2019)
Lacking an understanding of how machines learn, policymakers are unable to craft legislation that might standardize the auditing of algorithms used in critical areas like judicial sentencing, predictive policing and facial recognition.

AI Company Launches Nose-recognition Technology To Help Identify Dogs (This Dogs Life, Aug 07, 2019)
The Chinese AI startup Megvii, which is backed by Alibaba, has launched a new technology to identify dogs by their nose prints in order to provide an accurate and more pet-friendly ID system than ones currently existing, like the microchip.

City Councillor Demands Answers About Facial Recognition Technology: 'We Don't Want To Be Living In 1984' (CTV News, Aug 07, 2019)
Marvin Rotrand is worried that Big Brother is watching us. The Montreal city councillor has filed a motion to municipal council asking for a moratorium on the use of surveillance technology, including facial recognition programs, by the SPVM and other security agencies to ensure the rights of citizens are respected. The motion will be discussed at city council August 19.

Why You Should Create a Forward-Looking Privacy Policy (Information Week, Aug 07, 2019)
Today's collection of piecemeal and rapidly changing privacy mandates makes planning for future requirements much like aiming at a moving target. Yet a growing number of businesses are gradually coming to the realization that failing to anticipate the demands of future privacy legislation may leave them vulnerable to future lawsuits and significant financial losses.


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