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Brits Shun Biometric Authentication for Traditional Passwords, Report (Info Security Magazine , Jul 05, 2019)
Nearly a third of people in the UK still prefer to use passwords to authenticate over biometric credentials, according to research by GMX. In the report, 30% of respondents said that typing a password was their preferred method of accessing their online and mobile accounts. What's more, 22% also said that they like fingerprint biometrics over face or voice.

Industry Expert On The Role Of Voice Biometrics In Fraud Prevention (Intelligent CIO, Jul 05, 2019)
Brett Beranek, Vice President of Security and Biometrics at Nuance Communications, tells us about the importance of voice biometrics for customers and businesses in the fight against fraud.

London Police’s Facial Recognition System Has 81 Percent Error Rate (geek, Jul 05, 2019)
Facial recognition technology trialed by the Metropolitan Police is reportedly 81 percent inaccurate. The system, according to a study by the University of Essex, mistakenly targets four out of five innocent people as wanted suspects.

Facebook’s Outage Reveals How Company’s AI Tags Photos (Technolog Inquirer, Jul 05, 2019)
n Wednesday, an outage hit Facebook services worldwide as Facebook and Instagram experienced severe server issues. In a report by THE VERGE, the outage enabled users of the social network to see the image tags their photos had been assigned to by the company’s machine vision systems.

Pentagon Has Developed A Laser That Can Identify Subjects From Afar Based On Their HEARTBEAT (Infosurhoy, Jul 05, 2019)
U.S. special forces are taking a more ‘intimate’ approach to remotely identifying targets, using lasers to sense their heartbeat. According to MIT Technology Review, the Pentagon has developed a prototype of the technology, code-named ‘Jetson,’ that uses infrared lasers to read a person’s cardiac signature.

The Law Behind Facial Recognition Cameras In The UK And Your Legal Rights (TIMES, Jul 05, 2019)
The role of surveillance cameras have become an integral part of society – and National Surveillance Camera Day highlighted the importance of its use in Britain.

Could A Face-reading AI ‘lie Detector’ Tell Police When Suspects Aren’t Telling The Truth? (Infosurhoy, Jul 05, 2019)
Forget the old ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine — soon police may be turning to artificial intelligence systems that can reveal a suspect’s true emotions during interrogations. The face-scanning technology would rely on micro-expressions, tiny involuntary facial movements that betray true feelings and even reveal when people are lying.

Fingerprinting’ To Track Us Online Is On The Rise. Here’s What To Do. (NY Times, Jul 05, 2019)
Advertisers are increasingly turning to an invisible method that pulls together information about your device to pinpoint your identity.


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