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Fbi Database Stokes Worries Over Facial Recognition Tech (The Hill, Jun 04, 2019)
Lawmakers are intensifying their calls for a temporary ban on the federal government’s use of facial recognition technology after the disclosure that the FBI has amassed a database of more than 640 million photographs.

Overthrow The Prince Of Facebook (Wall Street Journal, Jun 07, 2019)
Big tech has become too powerful and abusive. We know enough about it to break up its dominance.

Lawmakers Set Their Sights on Facial Recognition (Wall Street Journal, Jun 07, 2019)
As the technology has become more widespread, critics question whether it threatens privacy—or if it is accurate enough to be reliable

Tech Giants Amass A Lobbying Army For An Epic Washington Battle (NY Times, Jun 07, 2019)
Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, facing the growing possibility of antitrust action and legislation to rein in their power, are spending freely to gain influence and access.

Smart Locks In Rental Properties Also Monitor Believers (Bitter Winter, Jun 07, 2019)
Promoted as a tool to “maintaining stability,” the locks that use facial recognition, phones, or IDs, is a new addition to the system of complete surveillance.

Data Privacy Laws Need Rethinking To Encourage Innovation (Forbes, Jun 07, 2019)
GDPR came into force in May last year, intended to give individuals more control over their personal data. But one of the unintended consequences of the new regulation - which we’re already starting to see across a range of industries - is the drag on innovation. Would-be innovators must walk a tightrope between data compliance and business innovation based on the data they have access to - and in many cases they could do with a helping hand. Could an accredited independent body responsible for overseeing the creation and responsible use of open data sets be the solution?

Spying on Children Won’t Keep Them Safe (NY Times, Jun 07, 2019)
This week my daughter’s school became the first in the nation to pilot facial-recognition software. The technology’s potential is chilling.

Microsoft Wipes Facial-recognition Database (Telangana Today, Jun 07, 2019)
The tech giant released a dataset of roughly 10 million photos from 100,000 individuals collected from the Internet in 2016

How Will A Facial Recognition Ban Affect The Future Of Ai? (The gadget Flow, Jun 07, 2019)
The debate around the ban is part of a much larger discussion about the ethics of artificial intelligence. Here’s a look at what San Francisco’s policy could mean for the future of AI.

Google Warns Washington That Huawei Trade Ban Risks Compromising Us Security: Report (South China Morning Post, Jun 07, 2019)
The American tech giant said the US ban may prompt Huawei to build an Android alternative that is more vulnerable to hacking


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