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Facebook Penalty Sparks Partisan Wrangling (Wall Street Journal, May 08, 2019)
Federal Trade commissioners will appear at a House hearing Wednesday as they complete a settlement with Facebook Inc. over privacy violations, in a session likely to see sparring between Democrats and Republicans over who is better positioned to police Big Tech.

Google Says It Has Found Religion On Privacy (NY Times, May 07, 2019)
Google, the company that may know the most about our digital lives, is now preaching the gospel of privacy. Speaking at an annual conference for developers on Tuesday, Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, delivered a message that seemed cognizant of today’s consumer privacy concerns but out of step with the company’s history of intensive online data collection.

Amazon Is Accused of Violating Kids’ Privacy With Smart Speakers (Wall Street Journal, May 09, 2019)
Amazon.com Inc. is improperly recording and preserving the conversations of young users through its Echo Dot Kids devices, according to a complaint to be filed with federal regulators by a coalition of privacy and child-advocacy groups.

Singapore Escalates Fight Against Spread Of False Information On Social Media (Wall Street Journal, May 09, 2019)
In an effort to combat misinformation online, Singapore has passed a law requiring Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Twitter Inc. and other social-media companies with regional headquarters here to rapidly issue corrections when users post items the government deems false.

It’s Time To Break Up Facebook ( NY Times, May 09, 2019)
Mark is a good, kind person. But I’m angry that his focus on growth led him to sacrifice security and civility for clicks. I’m disappointed in myself and the early Facebook team for not thinking more about how the News Feed algorithm could change our culture, influence elections and empower nationalist leaders. And I’m worried that Mark has surrounded himself with a team that reinforces his beliefs instead of challenging them.

Government To ‘consider Options’ For Biometrics Regulation (Public Technology , May 09, 2019)
The government is “considering options” for how best to regulate the use of facial recognition and other forms of biometric technology, according to immigration minister Caroline Nokes.

Meet The Digital Cop Car Of The Future (Government News, May 09, 2019)
KIA Australia and Fujitsu have collaborated on a prototype of an artificial intelligence-enabled digital police car. The high-tech police car does away with multiple screens, software, hardware and metres of cabling from highway patrol vehicles.

Biometric Voting Has Many Pitfalls, But It Could Work In South Africa (Daily Maverick , May 09, 2019)
There are strong arguments both for and against the introduction of biometric voting in SA, and it could be one way to combat youth apathy. But as both Kenya and Ghana have shown, there are problems with the technology, and it is very expensive.


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