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Could Robots Help The Elderly Feel Less Lonely? (ABC, May 08, 2019)
PhD student Adam Poulsen is hoping care robots, designed to help users overcome feelings of loneliness, can help to change that. Part of Mr Poulsen's study assesses the design and programming of personalised care robots.

Cameras Everywhere: The Ethics Of Eyes In The Sky (Forbes, May 08, 2019)
Pictures from people's houses can predict the chances of that person getting into a car accident. The researchers that created the system acknowledged that "modern data collection and computational techniques...allow for unprecedented exploitation of personal data, can outpace development of legislation and raise privacy threats."

Biometrics In Schools To Yield Security Benefits And Privacy Concerns (ED Tech Magazine, May 08, 2019)
Biometric technology is already part of the K–12 ecosystem, where administrators are using iris scans and “facial fingerprints” to grant access to buildings and computer labs, track attendance, manage lunch payments, loan library materials and ensure students get on the right buses.

New Voter Registration Confirmation System To Delay Voting, Says Larrazabal (ABS-CBN, May 08, 2019)
A new voter registration confirmation system to be pilot-tested in several parts of the country on election day may cause delays in voting, a former Commission on Elections (Comelec) official said.The new voter registration verification system (VRVS) adds an additional layer of confirmation for voters. In areas where the VRVS will be implemented, voters would have to check their names in the Election Day Computerized Voters List (EDCVL), then undergo a process of verifying their biometric information.

Lack Of Birth Certificates Hampers Registration (Kenya News, May 08, 2019)
Lack of birth certificates among children below 18 years has affected Huduma Namba registration exercise in Trans Nzoia County. The Trans Nzoia County Commissioner (CC), Samson Ojwang pointed out that lack of birth certificate booklets had slowed down issuance of birth certificates which has in turn hindered parents from registering their children for Huduma Namba.

Big Brother Is Watching: How New Technologies Are Changing Police Surveillance (The Conversation, May 08, 2019)
When we think of surveillance, we tend to imagine traditional surveillance tools like CCTV systems run by local authorities. The use of CCTV has certainly increased since I was a young constable on the Gold Coast in the early 1990s. From a CCTV network of 16 cameras when they were first introduced to the city precinct, the network has grown to more than 500 cameras today.

Risk Of AI Bias In Self-Driving (Eetasia, May 08, 2019)
Bias, or systematic error, is a serious challenge to safe AI. Bias can be found in AI-driven products today, such as facial recognition software that performs more accurately for white men than it does for women and people of color. Bias can creep into AI for many reasons. A poor choice of camera could be ill-suited for darker skin. Perhaps training data was captured from the faces of company employees — who were mostly white and male.

Google Facial Recognition Technology Brings Privacy Debate Into The Home (LA Times, May 08, 2019)
Google used its annual developer conference to unveil a “smart display” that uses facial recognition to offer users personalized information, including messages, calendar entries and recommendations of music and videos.

Hertz Rental Car App Gets Biometric Upgrade (FindBiometrics , May 08, 2019)
The the new app arrives shortly after the launch of the Hertz Fast Lane program, which was a joint initiative with CLEAR. Fast Lane links a CLEAR account with a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account and allows members to use their registered biometrics to confirm a rental reservation.

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CLEAR’s Biometric Stadium Access Comes to Cleveland (FindBiometrics , May 08, 2019)
CLEAR‘s biometric expedited screening program has come to another ballpark, this time at Cleveland’s Progressive Field, in partnership with the city’s MLB team. The development means that CLEAR members will be able to get quick and easy access to the ballpark during home games as well as Cleveland All-Star Week.

NEC To Deploy Advanced Surveillance And Traffic Management System In Gurugram And Manesar (AIthority, May 08, 2019)
NEC Corporation announced that NEC Technologies India (NECTI), a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, has been awarded a contract as the master system integrator for installing CCTV surveillance and traffic management systems in Gurugram City, India.


Leveraging Technology To Enhance Transportation Security (Federal Bar Association and Transportation Security Administration, May 08, 2019)


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