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Facial Recognition Surveillance Faces New Calls For Legal Limits (Axios, Mar 13, 2019)
There are few legal constraints on the use of facial recognition. Both federal and state lawmakers are trying to address the technology's risks while responding to pressure from law enforcement and from Big Tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

DHS Funds Solution To Increase Efficiency Of Air Cargo Screening (Homeland Security Review, Mar 13, 2019)
Increases in computing power, algorithmic complexity, and machine learning capabilities offer opportunities to enhance current X-ray screening capabilities and reduce the amount of time to break down and reassemble transported cargo. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are collaborating to address these challenges.

Digital Citizenship The Modern Transformation Conundrum For Business (IT Web, Mar 13, 2019)
Removing friction and at the same time maintaining or improving security for stakeholders seeking to digitally transact with your business is but one of the issues challenging corporates. At the heart of digital citizenship is proper vetting of the true physical identity, before it is linked to the digital one via business processes.

In Britain, A Middle Way For Reining In Big Tech (WSJ, Mar 12, 2019)
A British government-appointed panel of experts on Wednesday released a carefully calibrated proposal designed to contain big tech’s threat to competition while keeping the government’s hand on the industry and the internet as light as possible.

US Extends Pre-Clearance At Irish Airports (The Times, Mar 13, 2019)
The system allows people travelling to the US to clear immigration at the point of departure rather than when they arrive. It cuts down waiting times for travellers and 1.9 million passengers used the service in Ireland last year.

Risky User Behaviour And Poor Security Practices Threaten Irish Organisations (Tech Central, Mar 13, 2019)
A Microsoft survey of organisations on the island of Ireland has found that poor, inconsistent security policies, processes and procedures, create bad habits amongst employees, which could compromise critical data and cause disruption with serious consequences.

Biometrics Is The Future For 2019 General Elections, According To Ideco (Intelligent CIO, Mar 13, 2019)
The 2019 general elections, set to go ahead in May this year, will once again cost the country hundreds of millions of rands and involve a massive logistical exercise. While the IEC does a sterling job in ensuring free and fair elections, the resources needed and costs involved in running South Africa’s elections could be slashed in future, if South Africa moved towards more efficient digital identity, authentication and voting systems.

You Will Soon Be Able To Pay Your Subway Fare With Your Face In China (South China Morning Post, Mar 13, 2019)
Shenzhen’s Futian station is demonstrating 5G-backed technologies including facial recognition and payments.

Future Of Cardless Society Lies In Public Funded Decentralized Digital Identity Technology (Banking CIO Outlook, Mar 13, 2019)
Decentralized digital characters funded by people can be used in apps and devices such as telephones, clocks, fitness equipment, and smart rings. Consumers can thus verify all their transactions via their existing phone, which already has biometric verification, instead of being limited to a single plastic card that can be stolen or cloned.

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NEXT Biometrics and MK Group to Expedite Secure Authentication Solutions in Vietnam, South Africa and Brazil (NEXT Biometrics, Mar 13, 2019)
NEXT Biometrics and secure authentication and smart card solutions provider MK Group have agreed to extend cooperation. Joint market and product development efforts will now also comprise identity and access management (IAM) applications as well as Public-Key-Infrastructure* (PKI)-based secure authentication solutions.


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