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Facial Recognition To Be Deployed At Top 20 US Airports -- Should You Be Concerned? (Forbes, Mar 11, 2019)
Facial recognition will be deployed at the top 20 US airports by 2021 for “100 percent of all international passengers", including American citizens, according to an executive order issued by President Trump. The move is part of plans to protect the nation “from terrorist activities by foreign nationals admitted to the United States”.

Privacy Advocates Sound Alarm as CBP 'Scrambling' to Deploy Facial Recognition At Major US Airports (Common Dreams, Mar 11, 2019)
Privacy advocates raised alarm on Monday as documents revealed the U.S. government is "scrambling" to deploy a facial recognition program to screen international travelers at the nation's 20 busiest airports.

Florida Proposes State Biometric Data Privacy Legislation (Health IT Security, Mar 11, 2019)
The bill mirrors Illinois’ biometric law, which recently ruled actual harm is not needed to pursue damages; meanwhile, the Washington State Senate passed its own data privacy bill.

Top Universities Join to Push ‘Public Interest Technology’ (NYTimes, Mar 11, 2019)
As technology becomes increasingly pervasive in American life, universities across the United States have been devising ways to teach students how to grapple with the consequences on society. Now, 21 leading universities are banding together to promote their various programs. On Monday, the schools announced that they had formed a new organization called the Public Interest Technology University Network.

Username and Password Hell: Why the Internet Can’t Keep You Logged In (WSJ, Mar 10, 2019)
The internet has an identity problem. It has never had a simple, universal system for figuring out who we are. As a result, we’re stuck with separate usernames and passwords for every site and app we use—no, I’m not touching that Sign In With Facebook button—and perpetually re-entering them to prove we’re still ourselves.

These Cameras Can Spot Shoplifters Even Before They Steal (Bloomberg Quint, Mar 05, 2019)
It’s watching, and knows a crime is about to take place before it happens. Vaak, a Japanese startup, has developed artificial intelligence software that hunts for potential shoplifters, using footage from security cameras for fidgeting, restlessness and other potentially suspicious body language.

Tech And Banking: Evolving Mobile Trends From Bank of America (Payments Journal, Mar 11, 2019)
Passwords are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, most Americans are comfortable using biometrics on their smartphones, with 69 percent using fingerprint or touch ID, 65 percent using voice recognition and half using facial recognition. Baby Boomers are the heaviest adopters, leading the charge of newer, more secure ways to access their information.

NatWest Launches Biometric Card Pilot (Computer Weekly, Mar 11, 2019)
NatWest is about to start a trial of payment cards equipped with biometric technology to increase security for contactless payments above £30. The three-month pilot of the biometric cards, which were developed by the bank in partnership with Gemalto, Visa and Mastercard, will start in April.

Your Health Data Are A Gold Mine For Advertisers (Nextgov, Mar 11, 2019)
Early results are promising, but health-care providers are still figuring how to protect privacy once smart speakers know our intimate medical details. Searching online for medical help, even for common ailments, already reveals much more than people realize. That data has proved valuable both to health officials and to big businesses.

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NEC Corporation To Conduct Iris Scans At The South By Southwest Film & Music Festival (Activist Post, Mar 07, 2019)
The NEC Corporation announced that they will be “participating” in one of the world’s largest events dedicated to the interactive, film and music industries, the “South By Southwest Conference” (SXSW) in Austin, Texas from March 10-13.

Gemalto Launches Trusted Digital Identity Services Platform (Intelligent CIO, Mar 08, 2019)
Gemalto has announced its Trusted Digital Identity Services Platform, which orchestrates everything needed by mobile operators to digitalise customer enrolment, including the capture, verification and authentication of customer credentials and biometrics.


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