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AI Researchers Are Pushing Bias Out of Algorithms (Bloomberg, Mar 07, 2019)
Practical ideas for ensuring that artificial intelligence is ethical and fair are gushing from inside the tech profession.

Data Privacy, Right-To-Delete Rules Pass Washington Senate (Herald Courier, Mar 08, 2019)
The Washington Senate has passed a broad package of data privacy protections, including rules that would give consumers the right to delete data about them held by private companies.

Southwest Airlines Workers: Class Action Over Fingerprint Scans Not Subject To Union Deal Interpretation (Cook County Record, Mar 07, 2019)
Lawyers for a group of Southwest Airlines employees have asked a federal appeals court to find a Chicago federal judge was wrong to toss their class action accusing the airline of violating their rights under a state’s biometrics privacy law, as the plaintiffs said their union contract doesn’t negate the airline’s alleged liability under the state law.

Canada Now Requires Fingerprints For Visa & Permit Holders At Airports (Business Travel News, Mar 06, 2019)
On Monday, the CBSA announced that it had implemented the first fingerprint scanning Primary Inspection Kiosks on Jan. 29 at Vancouver International Airport.

Automated Security to Speed Up Check-Ins (Hamodia, Mar 06, 2019)
The introduction of new technologies at Ben Gurion Airport promises to shorten waiting times for check-ins, Globes reported on Wednesday.

Wanted Man Tried To Fool Police By Using Twin's Details - But Was Caught By Fingerprint Scanner (Teesside Live, Mar 07, 2019)
When roads police officers stopped a man they thought was wanted by the force, he tried to convince them he was in fact his twin brother. But quick-thinking officers used a fingerprint scanner to prove he had in fact given false details and he was arrested.

Philadelphia Is First U.S. City To Ban Cashless Stores (WSJ, Mar 07, 2019)
Philadelphia is the first major U.S. city to ban cashless stores, placing it at the forefront of a debate that pits retail innovation against lawmakers trying to protect all citizens’ access to the marketplace.

What ATMs And Open Source Have To Do With Payments Innovation (PYMNTS.com, Mar 07, 2019)
It might be the case that 2019 takes shape as a watershed year for payments regulation, marked by PSD2 and GDPR. Stakeholders in the financial services and payments arenas are navigating new rules about how data is collected, stored and shared.

Are All Patients Up To The Task Of Managing Their Own Health Data? Some CIOs Say No (Fierce Healthcare, Mar 07, 2019)
With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services introducing policies to drive interoperability and CMS Administrator Seema Verma recently making it clear that “patient data belongs to patients,” there is increasing discussion about giving patients easier access to their health data.

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What Is SAML (BIO-key, Mar 04, 2019)
Security Assertion Markup Language, or SAML, is a way of simplifying confidential authentication for users between an identity provider (IDP) and service provider (SP). SAML is an XML (Extensive Markup Language) that centralizes the user management, so that the user’s authorization is dependent on the identity provider instead of the service.


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