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Gartner Predicts Increased Adoption of Mobile-Centric Biometric Authentication and SaaS-Delivered IAM (Gartner, Feb 06, 2019)


Amazon Proposes Regulatory Guidelines For Facial Recognition (Amazon, Feb 07, 2019)
Over the past several months, we’ve talked to customers, researchers, academics, policymakers, and others to understand how to best balance the benefits of facial recognition with the potential risks. It’s critical that any legislation protect civil rights while also allowing for continued innovation and practical application of the technology.

Amazon Says Facial Recognition Tech Should 'Not Violate Civil Rights' (The Hill, Feb 07, 2019)
Amazon previously has responded by insisting that researchers had used technology incorrectly, a point reiterated in the guidelines posted on its blog Thursday. The blog post marks the most extensive response yet by Amazon to such criticisms.

Police Are Using Facial Recognition In A 'Legal Vaccum And Should Face Regulation' (Telegraph, Feb 08, 2019)
Police use of facial recognition technology is operating in a "legal vaccum" and needs to be subject to more rigorous testing and transparency, researchers have claimed.

Are Digital Identities The Future Of Identity? (Disruptive, Feb 08, 2019)
Typically every time we sign up with a new financial services provider we have to provide the same personal information, including at times, evidence of a passport or driving licence and even that mythical creature, the paper utility bill. The alternative to providing this information every time is a verified persistent digital identity that can be re-used across multiple providers.

How All-Knowing Smartphones Could Become the Pentagon’s Employee Access Cards (Nextgov, Feb 07, 2019)
An algorithm will track how employees use their phones, how they walk and even where they go to constantly verify users’ identity.

Increasing Adoption Of Finger Print Sensors In Consumer Electronics Such As Tablets, Smart Phones And Laptops Is Expected To Drive The Finger Print Sensors Market (Digital Journal, Feb 07, 2019)
Increasing adoption of finger print sensors in consumer electronics such as tablets, smart phones and laptops is expected to drive the finger print sensors market.

Hospitals Turn to Biometrics to Identify Patients (WSJ, Feb 06, 2019)
Record-keeping challenges mean patients are too often misidentified and given the wrong care. Technology may help with that.

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Alabama Department of Revenue and IDEMIA Advance Identity Protection Program to Fight State Income Tax Theft (IDEMIA, Feb 06, 2019)
Alabama taxpayers enrolled in the IDEMIA eID app (formerly Alabama eID) can securely approve the legitimacy of their state tax returns and receive refunds up to 60 percent faster.


connect:ID 2019, Washington, DC (April 29 - May 1, 2019) (IBIA, Apr 29, 2019)
connect:ID is an innovative international conference and free global exhibition that focus on identity technologies and their management in both the physical and digital worlds. Its mission is to showcase the potential of next-generation identity solutions, and to highlight how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change.


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