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Amazon May Be Forcing Its Sellers to Contribute to Its Facial Recognition Program (Gizmodo, Feb 06, 2019)
Amazon has consistently faced ongoing outcry over its contentious Rekognition software, but that apparently isn’t stopping the company from testing out facial recognition technology on its sellers.

Advocacy Groups Urge Democrats To Oppose DNA Collection And Facial Scanning At Border (Washington Post, Feb 06, 2019)
In a letter that will be sent Tuesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the Democratic leadership and the full membership of the House, the groups argue that such technology would “intrude on the liberties of travelers, immigrants, and people who live near the border.”

Amazon Dubs Facial Recognition Bias Claims ‘Misleading’ (Tamebay, Feb 06, 2019)
Amazon’s general manager of artificial intelligence at AWS, Dr Matt Wood addressed the criticism by stating that the study is “misleading and drew false conclusions.” In his blog aimed at clarifying “several ‎misperceptions and inaccuracies”, he pointed to the differences in facial recognition and facial analysis.

Nest Warns Customers To Shore Up Password Security (The Hill, Feb 06, 2019)
Nest, the Google-owned smart home company, is warning its customers to tighten up their password security to prevent cameras and other in-home devices from being compromised.

A Study on Gaze-Controlled PIN Input With Biometric Data Analysis (ACM Digital Library, Feb 06, 2019)
Common methods for checking a user's identity (e.g., passwords) do not consider personal elements characterizing a subject. In this paper, the authors present a study on the exploitation of eye information for biometric purposes.

Victorian Government Pushes Back On In-Classroom Surveillance (ZD Net, Feb 07, 2019)
Victorian Education Minister James Merlino wants the few private schools using the surveillance tech to undertake rigorous privacy assessments and ensure students have explicit guardian or parental consent to participate.

The (R)evolution Of Identity: It's In The Palm Of Your Hand (International Banker, Feb 06, 2019)
The principal challenge is that of security and compliance. Verifying customers’ identities during the onboarding process was always carried out by humans—error-prone, yes, but perceived as trustworthy above all else. Digitising this process might appeal to customers, but it requires not only the very best technology but also stringent adherence to regulations.

Good Healthcare Requires Good Data — And Blockchain And Biometrics, Too? (PYMNTS.com, Feb 06, 2019)
Healthcare — among the biggest industries in the world, and certainly one of the most vital — has become a process in which an extremely educated person treats an endless line of strangers, with all that data serving to differentiate one patient from another.

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4 Reasons Windows Hello Customers Still Need Advanced MFA (Crossmatch, Feb 04, 2019)
However awesome and eye-catching (pun intended) the biometrics are in Windows Hello, experts agree a wide variety of factors—biometric, behavioral, risk-based, contextual, traditional—are required to support the modern enterprise. Rely too heavily on a single factor, even ones as advanced biometric capabilities, and you run the risk of boxing in your identity and access strategy.


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