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Google Facing New Battle Over Biometrics (Digital News Daily, Feb 05, 2019)
Two Illinois residents are asking a federal appellate court to revive a class-action complaint accusing Google of violating a biometric privacy law by compiling faceprints.

27 Groups Call On Congress To Deny ‘Smart Wall’ Funding (Nextgov, Feb 05, 2019)
The letter takes issue with the proposal’s call for “new cutting edge technologies,” including facial recognition, biometrics, automatic license plate readers and other surveillance tech that could be employed under the $1.6 billion proposal.

Apple Accidentally Reveals Radical New iPhone (Forbes, Feb 05, 2019)
With the snappy name of ‘Acoustic pulse coding for imaging of input devices’, Apple shows-off an in-display Touch ID fingerprint reader which can operate when a fingerprint touches anywhere on the screen.

Researchers Propose Two Approaches To Reigning In Facial Recognition Bias (Muck Rock, Feb 05, 2019)
Teams of scholars at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tackling bias in facial recognition technology have two recommendations for its developers: more external oversight and more representative training data.

US Prisons Are Building Databases Of Incarcerated People’s Voice Prints (Truthout, Feb 05, 2019)
The technology allows authorities to cross-reference the voices of individuals speaking to prisoners.

Biometric Data Won't Help In Identifying Dead Bodies, UIDAI Tells HC (New Kerala, Feb 05, 2019)
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Tuesday told the Delhi High Court that using only biometric data for purposes of identification of dead bodies may not be technologically feasible.

Life Insurers Want To Track Your Biometrics, But Privacy Experts Are Worried (CGTN, Feb 05, 2019)
One of North America’s largest life insurance providers recently announced it is switching to a new model where all of its policies are interactive – customers are encouraged to track and share their biometric data so the company can better assess risk.

Can Biometrics For Patient Matching Advance Interoperability? (HealthcareIT News, Feb 05, 2019)
Pew’s director of HIT Ben Moscovitch says consumers prefer biometrics, notably fingerprinting, facial recognition and iris scans, for a unique identifier.

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HID Global And Phunware Collaborate tTo Improve Wayfinding For Patients And Visitors Within Hospitals (HID Global, Feb 05, 2019)
HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, and Phunware, Inc., a fully integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile that provides products, solutions, data and services for brands worldwide, today announced their collaboration to improve the experience for hospital patients and visitors to find their way within medical facilities, using wayfinding on their mobile phones.


connect:ID 2019, Washington, DC (April 29 - May 1, 2019) (IBIA, Apr 29, 2019)
connect:ID is an innovative international conference and free global exhibition that focus on identity technologies and their management in both the physical and digital worlds. Its mission is to showcase the potential of next-generation identity solutions, and to highlight how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change.


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