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In Privacy-Minded Germany, A Massive Leak Strikes The Political Class (WSJ, Jan 04, 2019)
German authorities are investigating the leaking and hacking of personal data belonging to hundreds of politicians and other personalities in one of the country’s largest cyber breaches.

Google, Facebook, And The Legal Mess Over Face Scanning (Fortune, Jan 04, 2019)
When must companies receive permission to use biometric data like your fingerprints or your face? The question is a hot topic in Illinois where a controversial law has ensnared tech giants Facebook and Google, potentially exposing them to billions in dollars in liability over their facial recognition tools.

Will 2019 Be A Turning Point For 'Self-Sovereign Identity'? (Data Breach Today, Jan 02, 2019)
"Self-sovereign identity" projects based on blockchain technology are likely to gain significant momentum in 2019, says analyst Avivah Litan of Gartner Research. This approach to identity enables individuals to be in control of who accesses information about them, when and for how long.

Researchers Develop Artificial Fingerprints, Claiming They Could Hack Into A Third Of Smartphones (CNBC, Jan 01, 2019)
Researchers at New York University and the Michigan State University have developed images of fingerprints that have the potential to unlock devices. They told CNBC their findings suggested such an attack could be profitable for hackers.

Biometric Security Can Be Hacked, But It's Really Hard To Do (eWeek, Jan 05, 2019)
Last month, a pair of security researchers demonstrated how it’s possible to fool a vein recognition system, but they also showed just how hard that actually is to do. New-gen scanners work a lot better now than they did previously, but like any biometric reader, they can be fooled.

Static Vs Behavioural: What’s The Future Of Biometric Authentication? (IT Pro Portal, Jan 03, 2019)
What are the key differences, are there any potential weaknesses and, most importantly, what is the future of biometric authentication?

Apple's Touch ID Engineers Have Invented A New Form Of Biometrics For Apple Watch Recognizing Skin Textures (Patently Apple, Jan 05, 2019)
While options for a biometric authentication system for Apple Watch could include Face ID or Touch ID in the future, Apple's latest patent application on this subject matter actually points to an all new form of biometric authentication using a wrist biometric sensor located on the inside portion of a watch band that reads skin texture patterns.

How Biometric Monitoring Can Impact On Our Career (Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 05, 2019)
The world of biometric monitoring - which uses fingerprints, eye scans and other forms of checks to identify people - has opened up many exciting new opportunities for protecting safety and security. But it has also created some ethical minefields. In the not too distant future, it may also help your employer monitor your blood pressure and stress levels, and make judgments about your personality.

Marriott Says Hackers Swiped Millions Of Passport Numbers (WSJ, Jan 04, 2019)
Marriott International Inc. said fewer customers were affected in a massive data breach than initially feared but confirmed that hackers had compromised the passport numbers of millions of people in what security analysts have described as a potential foreign-intelligence gold mine.

Mobile Biometric Payments To Top 1.67TRN By 2023 (Church International, Jan 04, 2019)
Goode Intelligence forecasts that over $1.67 trillion of mobile biometric payments will be made annually by 2023 and over $8.7 billion revenue will be generated for suppliers of mobile biometric technology by 2023. 

Juniper Research: Retailers To Lose $130bn Globally In Card-Not-Present Fraud Over The Next 5 Years (Market Watch, Jan 02, 2019)
The study highlighted that increasingly complex approaches by fraudsters, alongside retailers’ inertia in adapting to new fraud prevention requirements, would be key factors behind the increases in fraud transaction value.


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