Weaving Around Web Privacy Controls (NPR, Feb 24, 2012)
Web browser manufactures often market their products to consumers with an emphasis on privacy, assuring users that their products can better control how personal information is used online. Carnegie Mellon privacy researcher Lorrie Cranor explains that many companies have developed quiet ways to step around some of that privacy-protecting code.

Opt-Out Provision Would Halt Some, but Not All, Web Tracking (New York Times, Feb 26, 2012)
By Tanzina Vega - Last Thursday federal regulators, members of advertising trade groups and technology companies gathered in Washington to announce new initiatives to protect consumers’ privacy online.

Users getting smarter about online privacy (Washington Post , Feb 24, 2012)
By Hayley Tsukayama - As the government grapples with what, exactly, is appropriate to ask companies to do in order to protect privacy online, average social media users appear to be getting a little smarter about what they can personally do to lock down the information that they control.

FTC Chairman: Google Offers 'Brutal Choice' on Privacy Policies (Tech Daily Dose , Feb 26, 2012)
By Juliana Gruenwald - The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission said on Sunday that Google was giving consumers a "binary and somewhat brutal" choice on whether they want to go along with the changes to the company's privacy policies set to go into effect next week.

Why Conventional Data Security Can't Beat Cybercriminals (Forbes, Feb 26, 2012)
By Art Coviello - As I think about IT security and the Internet today, I can’t help but think of the Rolling Stones lyrics, “You can’t always get what you want … but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need.”

In Maryland, biometrics' eye on an elusive prize (Gazette.Net , Feb 24, 2012)
By Lindsey Robbins - Fingerprints, voices, facial appearances, retinas and even the distance between one’s fingers: All of these reveal a person’s true identity and all are part of an industry projected to reach $11 billion worldwide by 2017.

KeyLemon launches its new iPhone app (Planet Biometrics, Feb 23, 2012)
KeyLemon has announced the launch of the iPhone application “LemonLogin”, which allows password management for the iPhone based on face recognition technology.

One background check now good for both TWIC, hazmat (Land Line Mag, Feb 24, 2012)
By Jami Jones - Truckers who carry both a Transportation Worker Identification Credential and a hazmat endorsement on their CDL will be happy to know they will no longer have to have background checks done twice – at least in some states.

Care Innovations Summit (CMS, Feb 27, 2012)
In just two days, leading voices in health care innovation will join CMS leadership at a unique event: The Care Innovations Summit. This event brings together representatives of health professions, the insurance industry, patient advocates, finance, and government to discuss ways they can collaborate to drive action towards better care and better health at lower cost through continuous improvement. Registration to attend the event in person is now closed, but you don’t have to be there in person to engage the care innovations community.


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