Data breach? Blame your third party's remote access systems (Network World, Feb 07, 2012)
By Ellen Messmer - An in-depth study of data-breach problems last year where hackers infiltrated 312 businesses to grab gobs of mainly customer payment-card information found the primary way they got in was through third-party vendor remote-access applications or VPN for systems maintenance.

How to protect online transactions with multi-factor authentication (Tech World, Feb 07, 2012)
By Julie Sartain - The trusty telephone is emerging as one of the key elements in new multifactor authentication schemes designed to protect online banking and other web-based financial transactions from rapidly evolving security threats.

Have Your Users' Passwords Already Been Hacked? (Dark Reading, Feb 07, 2012)
By Robert Lemos - Following the hack of the global intelligence firm Stratfor, hackers published the stolen password file containing the usernames and hashes for more than 860,000 accounts. An effort to use typical password breaking techniques on the file yielded quick results: About 1 in every 10 account had a trivial password.

Agencies get new IT fraud prevention tool (Federal Computer Week, Feb 07, 2012)
By Alice Lipowicz - The board overseeing economic stimulus funding under a 2009 law is now offering to apply its sophisticated early-warning fraud-prevention tools on behalf of other federal agencies. The tools warn of potential high-risk payments beyond the scope of the stimulus law.

A better approach to biometrics (Federal Computer Week, Feb 07, 2012)
By Troy Potter, Terry Hartmann - For years, U.S. defense, law enforcement and civilian agencies have been implementing large-scale biometric solutions to identify criminals, enhance national security, and authenticate the identities of government personnel, contractors and citizens. The technology has now matured to the point where the federal government relies on it to mitigate the risks associated with personal identification.

In Data Deluge, Multitaskers Go to Multiscreens (New York Times, Feb 07, 2012)
By Matt Richtel - Workers in the digital era can feel at times as if they are playing a video game, battling the barrage of e-mails and instant messages, juggling documents, Web sites and online calendars. To cope, people have become swift with the mouse, toggling among dozens of overlapping windows on a single monitor.

Privacy expert: Google pushed for cookie law delay (PC Pro , Feb 08, 2012)
By Stewart Mitchell - A privacy advocate has accused Google, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Information Commissioner's Office of colluding to shape the way the EU's “cookie directive” was implemented in Britain.

Global Entry program permanent fixture for CBP (Government Security News, Feb 07, 2012)
By Mark Rockwell - The Department of Homeland Security moved to make its voluntary, trusted traveler Global Entry program a permanent part of the U.S. entry process.

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