Gartner: Identity a lever of control; 6 trends for 2012 (ZD Net, Feb 06, 2012)
By John Fontana - Six trends will dominate the identity landscape in 2012, according to Gartner. Three are new and three are holdovers from 2011. The trends challenge not only the way IT thinks about identity and how to manage it, but in the technologies and standards available to implement it.

European activists meet with Facebook to discuss privacy concerns (Cnet, Feb 06, 2012)
By Marguerite Reardon - As Facebook prepares for its $5 billion initial public offering here in the U.S., European representatives are meeting with student activists from Austria regarding complaints the group has filed over how the company handles private information.

Google's answer to EU as succinct as its privacy policy (ZD Net, Feb 06, 2012)
By John Fontana - Google doesn’t have a lot of patience for European regulators who asked the search giant to “pause” the roll out of its new privacy policy, set to launch March 1, so they can explore “possible consequences.”

Facial Recognition Technology: A Boon To Law Enforcement, A Blow To Privacy Advocates (Huffington Post, Feb 06, 2012)
By G.W. Schulz - When several armed robberies occurred recently in Lancaster, Calif., police had little of use on the two suspects. Then, a reliable image of one suspect turned up from a surveillance camera.

Heathrow facial recognition plan may miss Olympics deadline (The Guardian , Feb 06, 2012)
Heathrow airport may now not get facial recognition technology at all five of its terminals in time for the Olympics as planned, according to the Financial Times.

DARPA seeks to beef up embedded computer system security (Info Security , Feb 06, 2012)
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s high-tech research arm, is funding research to beef up security of embedded computer systems, which run everything from critical infrastructure components to medical devices.

International Biometric Performance Testing Conference 2012; March 5-9, 2012 (NIST, Feb 07, 2012)
Please see the link for additional information regarding the conference.


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